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Welcome to MIT Admissions.

Here, you can explore MIT, learn how to apply, plan a visit, read the blogs, or get help from our staff.

By doing so, we hope you’ll learn more about MIT, but also about yourself.

Announcements and deadlines

  1. 🗓 Our info sessions and tours are still taking place virtually. Sign up today!

  2. 🕺If you find yourself in Cambridge, stop by our new Welcome Center at 292 Main Street, say hello, and pick up a self-guided walking tour!

  3. 🗓️ The Early Action deadline is November 1.

  4. 🗓️ The transfer application deadline for spring entry is November 15.

  5. ✅ If you’re applying for financial aid, the 2022–2023 FAFSA and CSS Profile applications are available.

Latest from the bloggers

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Latest from admissions

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  • MIT blogger Cami M. '23

    gone was any trace of you i think i am finally clean

    I have experienced love before, at least I think so. Awkward hand holding in my freshman year of high school, giggles behind lockers and sneaking out of classrooms, sitting next to each other at lunch in between periods. I’ve been in love before, where love was 18 hour phone calls… Read More
  • MIT blogger Kidist A. '22

    my summer! a belated blog

    This summer was a summer of many firsts. First time actually living by myself. First time regularly using public transportation by myself. First time booking all my doctor’s appointments. This summer was a summer of balance, at least the attempt of finding one. This summer was a summer… Read More
  • MIT blogger Ankita D. '23

    a salmonella saga weekend outing tingz

    I didn’t leave the MIT bubble much my freshman year. hell, I barely left my dorm. there was so much going on all the time that I didn’t bother trying to venture out into Boston very often. over the summer, however, I spent a good chunk of my free time… Read More
  • mel avatar

    from me to you burn it all down

    Sometimes, you need to let things go up in flames. . . . I have struggled with writing blogposts in the past few months. It’s not for a lack of things to write about—there’s always something going on in my life, but that’s the problem. I feel like… Read More

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