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Welcome to MIT Admissions.

Here, you can explore MIT, learn how to apply, plan a visit, read the blogs, or get help from our staff.

By doing so, we hope you’ll learn more about MIT, but also about yourself.

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  • Illustration of Decisions

    Open Thread: Waitlisted

    Many people applied to MIT this year, and unfortunately we could not accept all of them. We have placed a small number of students on the waitlist. If you would like to be considered for the waitlist, or you want to learn more about it, you can… Read More
  • Illustration of Decisions

    Open Thread: Not Admitted

    There were many wonderful applicants to MIT this year, which unfortunately means that we had to turn down some great students. For those of you who fall into this category, this is an open forum for you to talk, shake it off, and remember that you will survive, even thrive,… Read More
  • Illustration of Alexa J. '20

    The Art of Waiting how to burn some time

    There are many things in life that require you to have the ever elusive skill of patience – waiting for the bus, waiting on a friend at a café, or (dare I say it) constantly refreshing the page. I remember when I was in your shoes. Read More
  • Illustration of Danny and Allan G. '20

    Pixar Pi

    Waiting for decisions sometimes made us feel like kids, scared of the monsters in our closet ready to jump out at us. If you’re feeling like that kid right now, afraid of the unknown, know that there are a lot of other doors than just… Read More

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