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Here, you can explore MIT, learn how to apply, plan a visit, read the blogs, or get help from our staff.

By doing so, we hope you’ll learn more about MIT, but also about yourself.

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  • MIT staff blogger Chris Peterson SM '13

    Be a Blogger 2022!

    It is summer in Cambridge, which means that: I am growing an alarming amount of tropical fruit plants on my apartment front stoop there’s a million fun things happening in the Kendall/MIT Open Space it is time for those of you who might want to be bloggers to… Read More
  • MIT blogger Cami M. '23

    solace in the self it's me! cami!

    Hi! Hello! Long time no see. It’s weird to be typing again. I feel kind of embarrassed for disappearing for a month from the blogs, especially when the blogs have been such a cozy, homey place for me, a respite among the ups and downs of my life. But things… Read More
  • Illustration of Jenny B. '25

    sk8 jebby on a skateboard

    The first time I ever stepped on a skateboard was in 2015, which was also the year that Marty McFly time-traveled to from 1985 in Back to the Future Part II. I was in seventh grade. It was a week before Halloween, and I… Read More
  • amber avatar

    COPENHELL a giant metal fest in Denmark 🤘🏽

    cw: harassment (noted before the section where it’s mentioned, skip to the next pictures from there if needed!) “What’s your favorite type of metal?” asked a volunteer after Copenhell. We’d been talking about engineering, both civil and mechanical. “Uhh, copper?” “No, like,… Read More

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