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Audrey C. '24


Hi I’m Audrey and a fun fact about me is that I’m blocked by a cult on Facebook. I believe that if cats had opposable thumbs, they would’ve taken over the world. And I’d be perfectly fine with that. My cat Mango is probably too lazy to stage a world takeover regardless, but who knows what that little gremlin has been up to back home in sunny California. I do know what I’ve been up to here at my new home MIT though, and I’m stoked to share it here!

Who am I? That’s a huge, somewhat nebulous question, but for now I’ll say that I like making art, playing social deduction games, sipping on a Capri-sun, and zipping around campus on my skateboard. Alas I was not born a firebender, so I settled for spinning fire poi and fans through Spinning Arts. I find fulfillment in computer science research, where I get to ask less nebulous questions and chase after ideas that excite me.

That’s a bit of who I currently am, as I write this blogger intro. Who will I become during the rest of my time at MIT? Will I ever grow out of liking cats and fruit snacks as my primary personality traits? We shall see :).