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Anika H. '26


I’m currently a ‘26, living in East Campus. While I hang around most halls on the East parallel, I’m often lounging around in the Tetazoo kitchen, setting hand sanitizer on fire or trying to pet the cats.

I come from Bay Area California and have never seen wild bunnies in such a large quantity. I to catch them so bad, but I can’t because they’re bunnies.

When I was a small gremlin, I wanted to be rich so I could plant a forest in the middle of a city. I used to spend a ton of time outdoors, and became very proficient at catching bugs, spiders, and lizards. Within the first two weeks of getting here, I have caught a cockroach, a katydid (who I named Greg), and two craneflies (those gangly things that look like giant mosquitos) on campus.

I can cook exactly 2 and a half of my family’s dishes, but haven’t gotten anything other than a 20-pound bag of rice so far, which I had to haul up several flights of stairs because East Campus doesn’t have elevators. But that was nice because I do need exercise.

My kerb is a weird combination of letters and numbers because I’m a ham radio nerd and used my call sign instead of my name. I like building things, so I hang around Radio Society, MITERS, and a bunch of the makerspaces.

I really like art! I draw a lot, as you will probably see from my blog posts. I do digital art, traditional stuff (I like charcoal), and outdoor sketching. I also doodle and can draw cursed fanart on demand.

I hope you enjoy the shiny collection of garbage I spew onto the internet :D