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tell your friends you love them by Anika H. '26

for we are but blips in a timeline

it’s been a little while since I last saw you, but it still feels like you might come through the door at any moment and sit down with me, talking about ribosomes and radio antennas i still set out a second cup of tea for you whenever I hang out there. remember when the three of us had expo marker fights? we were absolutely covered in red, blue and green. I remember how you tackled him to the ground, yelling and giggling about an unfair glasses advantage seeing expo markers reminds me of you seeing the squirrels in killian and the soft bunny rabbits in the courtyards reminds me of you seeing knots and ropes reminds me of you and so will seeing fireworks in the sky or a canyon gorge. you know, i called you the other night, waiting for you to pick up its a little silly because i know that i will never see you again, or hear you laugh, or get to pull your shoelaces, or tickle you, or get headpats from you on the days that im sad. I’m not okay with that. i will never ever be okay with missing you Because In the short few years i’ve known you, you were there for my darkest moments my deepest secrets, and there to celebrate my menial steps in the right direction. Time is merciless; I wish i had more of it with you I’m scared that with more time, i will eventually be okay because right now, i don’t want to be okay. because you were my friend. and I was yours. Tell your friends you love them, for we are but blips in a timeline.