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Paige B. '24


Howdy! I’m Paige and I am a junior studying mathematics. I’ve been interested in math and education ever since second grade. I am from the very center of California: Fresno, four hours from Los Angeles and four hours from San Francisco. So you may think that nothing ever happened there, but that is not quite true. In Fresno, I fell in love with coffee (black coffee or mochas), public transportation (I hope I never have to drive a car), and community.

Whether due to the pandemic or due to the ever impending knowledge that college changes you, I started blogging in March 2020 and I’ve been writing in some shape or form ever since. I continue to vaguely maintain that blog, but also write for The Tech and am the editor of the Campus Life section! I’m also trying to write some math stuff but that is neither here nor there.

Let’s see what else. I have two cats named Schrödinger and Kung Pao, I believe somewhat optimistically that I am an optimist, I try to integrate Page puns into my online presence (see: The Home Paige), and my favorite writing faux pas to use recklessly is a good run-on sentence (to spite my fifth grade teacher who said “only Victor Hugo author of Les Miserables should write sentences that last longer than a paragraph.”).

I spend (arguably too much) time thinking and worrying about existence, narrative arcs in life, and the parentheticals that begin, (but never end. I hope to capture some of these thoughts into these blogs, and I hope you enjoy the next two years of whatever this *gestures vaguely* is. Let’s see how this goes.