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Flipping Failure by Paige B. '24

an IAP update

This IAP, I took part in a writing workshop at MIT known as Flipping Failure. In this workshop, I and other participants worked on developing a ~5 minute (true and personal) story about challenge and resilience at MIT. After debating between a couple of topics, I chose to tell a story about struggling with sacrificing self-care to prioritize academics.

You can read the transcript here. This story is also accompanied by three strategies I thought were helpful.

There are a number of things I could discuss about this experience, both from the storytelling workshop (which was amazing and I highly recommend applying for next year if/when they run the program again) and about the story I told. But ultimately, I want to let this story speak for itself, so I think I will leave this here.

The one thing I will say is this: I got a lot out of writing about my experience at MIT– the ups and the downs. I am glad I got to be a blogger over the last two years, and am happy to have had the chance to share my garbage with the world. If you think you might like this experience too, and you will be an undergrad this upcoming school year at MIT, maybe consider applying to be a blogger when the application opens this summer :eyes: (an email will go out about it and it’s always advertised via the blogs).