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Kayode D. '27

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What’s up! My name is Oluwakayode Dada, but everyone calls me Kayode (Ky-Oh-Day). I’m half Nigerian, half Kentuckian, and I’m from Louisville, Kentucky. KY has a lot of farms, horses, and Walmarts, none of which are in Cambridge. I spent my time there playing drums, making board games, and cookin’ pizza at my local pizzeria.

I don’t know what I want to do in the future, but when asked as a 10 year old, I told the class I wanted to work at Party City and that isn’t totally off the table yet. I’m thinking about majoring in Course 2A, but dropping out and enrolling in Clown College (Harvard) isn’t looking too bad…

I like bad movies, New Zealand Indie Rock, and just about anything Charlie Brown. I’ve played percussion for the last eight years, and I was once in a band called “Willy Nilly and the Black Friday Crowd,” but that’s a story for another time.

I’m a Christian, and now I’m part of Cru, which is pretty cool. At my old church, we used to compete at the AG National Fine Arts Festival, and I once built a replica of King Solomon’s temple entirely out of playing cards. It was pretty neat, until it fell down…twice.

I wanted to be a blogger because I remember how impactful the blogs were when I was applying to MIT, and I want to encourage future applicants to pursue their dreams. But in all honesty, this blog will probably be a continuous stream of random stories inevitably relating to Australian Survivor, loose references to philosophy articles I read senior year, and obscure Charlie Brown references.