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A Picture is as much as Ten Hundred Words by Kayode D. '27

This is in fact a story that does have pictures.

Part of the Up-Goer-Five Game.

This Eye-A-Piece, I did a lot of things. When i heard from the “big man of the computer space” that we were doing up-goer five, I had the idea to take pictures instead of struggling to write stuff.

Here are some pictures and how i feel about those pictures.
me and some friends went to that baby college down the long water road. There’s a lot of stores and cool things over there.
We rode the bus across town and it was very fun. We saw lots of building and paint on walls that was very “wow!” I brought a little pink picture grabber I bought last fall at a computer shop party in a parking building. I took a lot of pictures, but it is hard to not look like a little baby city new person when you pull out your pink picture grabber to grab pictures. Here are some of those pictures.
We rock climbed, and it was very hard. I could feel my body burning and the next few days my body was hurting a lot. It’s a great game for the mind and body and I want to do it more.
My Favorite Picture Book Store
And of course, because I have no self control, I went to the picture book store that I spend too much money at, shown here:
I found this cool thing that i ended up buying. It’s called “What’s the Furthest Place From Here?” and it came with a picture book AND a round group of music!! I bought 2 of them (#4 and #6, the only ones they had) and listened to them at the Music book building. It was very good! They had covers of songs by music people that I enjoy, like AJJ, Joyce Manor, and Julien Baker.
Food-making it up!
During Eye-A-Piece, we don’t have our favorite place to eat. So me and my friends have to do some food making. Here is some food that we made (parents please be proud of me 🙏)
Running down a big ice rock:
Last week-end, I went with some friends to a boring little town in the close by state with three foot ball teams. There was a big ice rock there and we ran down it with wood on our feet. One friend’s biggest worry was that they would get “Brained on a rock” (This is not changed for Up-goer Five. This is the words they used.) I did not understand, but luckily no one got brained.
Here are pictures:
Listen, you all. This is really hard. Up Goer Five is really, really hard. It’s like playing a game we played in the boring town. So i think i’m done now.
here’s a picture show i thought was funny: video link here