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Blogger Wrapped 2023 by Kayode D. '27

For all of the Blogger/Spotify Data Junkies


This feels almost poetic to me. The very first time I even considered applying to MIT was in January of 2022, when I received a January MIT Newsletter and saw a summary of Ankita D. ‘23’s 2021 Blogger Wrapped post that said Indie Pop was the top Genre among MIT Bloggers. I showed my brother and he said “Well now you have to go there, Kayode, that’s all you listen to.” And he’s not wrong. 


Now it’s my turn to inspire you with our random music tastes. 

(Ankita, I’m sorry I’m using your post from last year as a direct guide for this year’s. You just did it so well, I didn’t see any reason to improve it. Everyone go read her blog to show appreciation for the good work she did that I am copying)

Past Blogger Wrapped, for the nerds that may want to read them: 

Ankita 2022

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Nisha 2020

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In 2021, my top song was The Monster Mash, and I listened to it 186 times. I think that’s credential enough to prove I have good music taste and am totally qualified to make this post. 


Here’s some stats for nerds: 

Ceri had an astonishing 204 minutes this year (that’s .1 days nonstop). Wow! Gloria really put us to shame this year.

Ceri: “i only used [spotify] when i went for a few outdoor runs this year in March and then life happened and i didn’t exercise in that way anymore so! i am simply not an active-music-listening kind of guy” This explains the lack of…anything…in her spotify wrapped. The rest of us listened to more, i guess.

Gloria and Teresa carried in number of songs this year. Good on them.

Ceri listened to “Here Comes a Thought” from Steven Universe a WHOPPING 3 times this year! I just want to say that Teresa listened to “Space Cowboy” by flipturn 230 times. That’s a 4 minute song, which adds up to over 15 hours. Now that I’m saying it out loud it isn’t that crazy but still, I get sick of a song after like a week of listening to it. 

There was an interesting variety in the genres listed by bloggers. Andi listened to predominantly Classical and Orchestral Pieces, Fatima had a ton of variations of Eurasian Pop, and once again, indie (or rather, “pov:indie”) was the top genre among bloggers. 

Most of my playlists are just 3 playlists in a trenchcoat, and that probably bumped up the numbers on this one. Good job Andi, you explorer you. 

Top Genres of Bloggers (be inspired): 

Spotify also featured a new feature this year: The Sound City. This is a town that your listening habits best match. My sound city was Burlington VM, which makes sense because I’ve listened to a lot of the “Sad Girl Starter Pack” playlist made by spotify when I study. [I promise, it’s the perfect study music– fun to listen to but mellow enough that you can tune it out and focus on work.] Here’s a map that I (lazily) made of our sound cities:

Very Official Map of Blogger Sound Cities:



Here’s some stats on top artists. I’m pretty proud of being top .5% for The Beths, but as my friend put it, “I got a late start this year. I should get my numbers up next season.”

Andi Q.  – top .001% of Freshlyground 

Gloria Z.- top .05% of The Strokes 

Teresa J. – top .05% of flipturn 

Paige B. – top .05% of The Cast of Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies

Audrey C. – top .05% of PVRIS 

Jebby – top 0.1% of BrockHapton 

Allison E. -top .1% of salem ilese

Fatima N. – top .1% of Taylor Swift 

Mel N. – top .5% of Carly Rae Jepsen 

Kanokwan T. – top .5% of Laufey 

Kayode D. – top .5% of The Beths

Petey – top 1% of Gareth Coker

Alan Z. – top 2% of Taylor Swift 

Jessica Z. – top 3% of Taylor Swift

Ceri – top 9% of Sara Barelles 


I wondered what it took to be in the top .001% for a big artist like Taylor Swift, and apparently a woman listened to 351,281 of Taylor Swift this year, placing her in the top .001%. You need at least 150,000 minutes to get to this level. Good for her, I guess. 


There you have it! Enjoy the data and the end of the year! We also made a playlist that everyone contributed a few of their top songs to, so give it a listen! And go check out Jebby’s blog on music for pre-decision de-stressing!