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MIT student blogger Nisha D. '21

Blogger Wrapped 2020 by Nisha D. '21

blogger wrapped, wrapped

At this point, Blogger Wrapped posts are sort of becoming a tradition, so I’m honored to be able to take up the mantle for what will be my final (?) time blogging about Spotify related content. @ the younger bloggers, y’all better keep this going next year so I can f e e d on the music data like a crufty vampire.

Traditionally, we’ve posted every blogger’s raw stats from Spotify and the poster will make some comments about it. This year, I’m going to be extra and do a bloggers wrapped…wrapped. Unfortunately I’m no Kathleen at data viz, but honestly, some of these turned out to be pretty satisfying.

Bloggers Wrapped, Wrapped

First, the basics:

blogger vs. number of minutes listened on spotify

there is a clear divide here between casuals and hardc0re spotify users

blogger vs. number of artists listened to

wow this is almost linear

blogger vs number of new artists discovered

i’m glad that i am the queen of spotify diversity, i guess


It turns out the bloggers really like the 2000s – except for Paolo, who purportedly plays Billy Joel’s Vienna on repeat a lot:

decade pie chart

i made paolo’s slice orange

The bloggers are also super into pop and rock (typical):

blogger music genres


Spotify also gave some interesting stats on how much you stan your favorite artist:

how much each blogger stans their favorite artist

powers wins, i didn’t even know one could listen to that much bon iver


What do the bloggers have to say for themselves?

blogger comments 1

blogger comments 3 blogger comments 2

blogger comments 7 blogger comments 6
blogger comments 5
blogger comments 4

blogger wrapped 1

blogger wrapped 2

blogger wrapped 3

blogger wrapped 4

blogger wrapped 5

And finally, the real masterpiece of this whole endeavor: a playlist with the top 10(ish) songs from every blogger who participated. I’ve been listening to this playlist for the past few days, and tbh, the bloggers have good taste y’all. Let us know what songs from this playlist you vibe with, and post your own Spotify Wrapped stats in the comments!