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MIT student blogger Nisha D. '21

things i have done since leaving school by Nisha D. '21

but only in the ten hundred most used words

cut off all my hair
moved to city where the sun is out every day but it is still cold
worked at a big place where people watch games on line and made bits go fast
bought and killed some green things
made new friends
drank at bars
decided that black is my best color
played outside in the sun and in the cold
played lots of games
got back into hitting people with long sticks
ate so much good food. sometimes even made my own
flew on many air cars to places near and far
enjoyed life by the day
enjoyed doing nothing
stopped enjoying doing nothing
felt a bit sad and lost
liked my job but not enough
liked making a lot of money but not enough
remembered the things i liked to do at school
remembered the love for games that got me through life’s hardest parts
decided to go back to big school to be a doctor in games computers and learning
didn’t get into the big school where my boyfriend goes
was very sad for a while
cried many tears
realized that the big school i got into would actually be better for me, but had to move away from the city that had become home
cried more tears
finally changed my arm skin
bought a car. she looks weird but i love her
left my computer job and moved to rain city with a friend from computer job
now i think a lot about how games can be good for people
write papers
my old friends visit me from far away almost every week
learn in class with new big school friends
still hit people with sticks
ran really far with my best friend
my hair grew back

something i think about a lot is: on its own, life doesn’t mean anything at all
we don’t even ask to live! we just get put here without any say in the matter
so we can’t go around doing things other people tell us to do for the rest of our lives
the only way to give life meaning is to do things you enjoy doing as often as you can
i am glad that loving games has brought me to where i am now
i hope that i will get to show other people how much meaning and wonder games can bring to their lives too
i think i am happy