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MIT blogger Ankita D. '23

blogger wrapped 2022 by Ankita D. '23

judge our music taste (the 5th installment)

as an obsessive Spotify user, it’s only fitting that i finish my last year of blogging with another blogger wrapped. these have become a consistent tradition, and if I had to guess, they’ll continue for a while, considering how most of the bloggers listen to more music than ~95% of their respective countries.

here are the previous editions, if you’re interested:





let’s start with some stats!

mins listened graph

MG has literally always been on top. slay

top artist graph

fatima did a lot of listening to TSwift this year, it seems! tbh so did everyone, so that’s very understandable.

number of artist graph

the top two for top artist minutes listened are on the lower end here, but MG and I are somehow also at the far right? it’s the sheer amount of Spotify usage, I guess…I’m on Spotify more than any social media, I have hundreds of playlists, and I’m very diligent about listening to music constantly. I also listened to an album every day this year (post coming soon), so this checks out.

genres listened graph

MG and I at the top again! let’s go musical diversity :) I can attest to my constant switching between psychedelic rock/hyperpop/rap/anime openings…

top songs

alternatively titled: how much were you going through it this year

Top Genres


indie pop was this prevalent last year, too. dance pop is much less common, although I think that’s because Spotify changed around their genre designations. everyone’s top genre last year was dance pop, for some reason.

Wrapped Summaries

wrapped 1


wrapped 3


wrapped 2


wrapped 4

Top Artist Percentages

  • shorna – top 3% Taylor Swift
  • cami – top 2% Harry Styles
  • fatima – top 0.5% Taylor Swift
  • amber – top 0.5% The Killers
  • teresa – top 0.5% Aimer
  • ankita – top 0.5% King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard
  • jenny – top 0.5% PUP
  • audrey – top 0.1% Phoebe Bridgers
  • MG – top 0.01% 070 Shake
  • petey – top 0.01% Ludvig Forssell
  • mel – top 0.05% Carly Rae Jepsen
  • andi – top 0.001% Freshlyground

wow, look how accomplished we all are!

Listening Personality

ah yes, more personality data for us to hyper-fixate on! thanks for keeping us entertained with random new information each year, Spotify.

they justify this music-personality-test thing with:

Do you mostly listen to the same artists over and over (and over) again, or are you constantly on the hunt for something new? How about when it comes to classic tracks or recent releases? With music, everyone listens just a little bit differently, which is something 2022 Wrapped celebrates. In your personalized Wrapped experience, you may have noticed a new feature: Your Listening Personality.

there are four categories with two indicators each, making for 16 total personality types. the axes are:

  • Familiarity (F) vs. Exploration (E) — do you listen to your favorite artists on repeat, or sample a lot of new ones?
  • Loyalty (L) vs. Variety (V) — do you play the same songs over and over, or have a more diverse selection of music?
  • Timelessness (T) vs. Newness (N) — do you listen to new music when it releases, or prefer to just listen to music from any period?
  • Commonality (C) vs. Uniqueness (U) — do you listen to mostly popular artists, or look deeper for less well known ones?
okay, now let’s see who’s what!
Early Adopter (ENVC) cami01 let's go trendy queen

Adventurer (ENVU) — jenny, shorna, mel, teresa, ankita, MG, audrey, CJ, paige.

woah, all of us like finding new music, huh

Time Traveler (ETVU) — amber, andi

Deep Diver (FTVU) — petey (checks out)

Nomad (ENLU) — fatima

Audio Day

decipher at your own risk


Morning: silly funny fun

Afternoon: gloomy mellow bittersweet

Night: sad boi bittersweet hype


Morning: trad goth hardcore love

Afternoon: triumphant indieheads rebellious

Night: melancholy royalcore gloomy




Morning: Uplifting Confident Comfort

Afternoon: Powerful Light Healing

Night: Hopeless Romantic Lighthearted Yearning


Pumpkin spice angst yearning”


Morning: Fun Silly Happy

Afternoon: Amped Bold Eerie

Night: Calm Peaceful Quiet


Morning: Theater kids, Hopeless, Romantic, Silly

Afternoon: Bittersweet, Comforting, Yearning

Night: Good Vibes, Chill, Upbeat


Morning: Feel good, Upbeat, Chill

Afternoon: Angst, Rebellious, Gentle

Night: Love, Vulnerable, Nostalgia


I would really like to know how Spotify defines morning vs. night. MIT students do not share the same definitions, I promise you.


finally, here’s the playlist with some of our top songs! enjoy :)


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