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MIT blogger Ankita D. '23

blogger wrapped 2021 by Ankita D. '23

taking on the legacy

the grip Spotify Wrapped has on society is truly astounding. time to contribute to the buzz with another year of blogger wrapped!

minutes spent listening:

minutes listened

there’s casual listeners, there’s mid-tier listeners, and then there’s petey ana and masha

this surprised me; i was under the impression i am listening to Spotify constantly. this is not true because i am at the lower end of the group…bloggers really do be LISTENING

artists listened to:

total artists

interesting. jenny and i are really hitting that 2000+ mark huh

i’m not surprised i was first because i listen to a lot of Discover Weekly…


total genres:


wow, almost linear!

how am i so diverse when i cycle through psych rock, indie rock, and pop? i don’t get it lol

top genres:

top genres

unsurprisingly, indie rock comes out on top. dance pop and lo-fi are quite popular as well.

audio auras (whatever this means):

audio auras

wistful and yearning??? are we ok???

top listener stats:

Tier 1:

  • audrey: Top 0.005% for Halsey
  • masha: top 0.05% for Tame Impala
  • alice: top 0.05% for Ricky Montgomery

Tier 2:

  • amber: top 0.10% for The Killers
  • alan: top 0.5% for dodie
  • ana: top 0.5% for BTS
  • petey: top 0.5% for Gareth Coker

Tier 3:

  • ankita: top 1% King Gizzard and Lizzard Wizard
  • mel: top 1% for Mitski
  • jenny: top 1% for Joji

Tier 4:

  • cami: top 2% for Taylor Swift
  • kellen: top 4% for Tyler the Creator
  • cj: top 4% for Taylor Swift



Wrapped Summaries





what do we have to say for ourselves?


ankita petey cami

alan ana and kellen thoughts

here’s the playlist of our top songs :)

top songs playlist analytics


  • Avr. Popularity: 60/100
  • Avr. Happiness: 43/100
  • Avr. Danceability: 56/100
  • Avr. Energy: 60/100
  • Avr. Acousticness: 32/100
  • Avr. Instrumentalness: 8/100
  • Avr. Liveness: 17/100
  • Avr. Speechiness: 7/100

top genres of bloggers

what surprised you? what didn’t? let us know!!!