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Ankita D. '23

MIT blogger Ankita D. '23


hey! i'm ankita. at MIT, i'm most involved with my living group, burton third, and with my dorm, burton conner. the majority of my free time goes to dance—i'm on a Boston-wide hip hop team, although i used to be on MIT Mocha Moves. i love painting, finding new music (preferably psychedelic rock), and aggressively organizing my Spotify playlists.

these days, my blogs are mostly about student life, since i care a lot about protecting it. the community i've found at MIT has been the most important facet of my experience, so i'm passionate about maintaining it for future students. i talk a lot about student culture in both a positive and negative light, but regardless of what's said, i hope you can see the love i have for this place shining through! after all, i'm willing to write about it again and again.

i hope you enjoy my musings, even if they're scattered and outrageously infrequent :)

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