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Ankita D. '23

MIT blogger Ankita D. '23


hi i’m Ankita! i’m very memey and enthusiastic and i love people with all my heart—so much that i often forget what alone time is, which is why being a blogger/introspecting in general is going to be great for me. i hope you’ll be at least mildly entertained as i shitpost my way through my four years at MIT (and perhaps occasionally adopt a more proper typing style as I Talk Deep)

i enjoy doing a lot of things, but mainly:

dancing — i’m a self-taught hip hop dancer! this sounds cool but i literally just mimicked YouTube choreography videos for like five years. i'm on the team Mocha Moves at MIT

watching weird shit (mostly anime) — 60+ days of it, actually. my extensive list of favorites includes Monster, Hunter X Hunter, and The Disastrous Life of Saiki Kusuo

learning languages (Japanese and Chinese) — strangely enough, all that anime did quite a bit for my Japanese skills. and going to Japan a couple of times and experiencing its amazing culture convinced me that learning languages is the move (seriously, it’s amazing), so I started learning Chinese as well

MIT is gr8 and i’m hype to experience it with all of you! stay tuned for some crazy adventures and a lot more struggles

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