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Chris Peterson SM '13

Jan 7, 2011

Admissions Bulletin - RA News, EA Results

Posted in: Process & Statistics

Happy New Year!

Early Action has concluded, Regular Action has begun, and the office is revving back up. And with that, it's time for a few admissions process updates, and a note about Early Action.


In no particular order:

  • Don't worry. We have your mail. We've been getting a lot of calls and emails from students concerned that their mailed documents haven't shown up on the application tracker. Here's why: we're getting one or two dozen buckets of mail every day. I have built a small igloo of them and am posting from inside it right now in fact.

    This morning's shipment of mail. We will get a few more like it throughout the day.

    Opening, identifying, processing, and filing these documents is straightforward enough, but it takes a lot of time! It is completely normal for things that arrive today to not appear on the tracker for another week or two. But neither snow nor rain nor heat nor flood of mail stays our office from the reliable completion of our appointed rounds, and we will not evaluate your application until we have everything we need. So don't stress!

  • Midyear Report. Though it is not yet available on MyMIT, you should be keeping the Midyear Report in the back of your mind. All Early Action deferred and Regular Action applicants must fill out the Midyear Report. If you have something important you would like to update us on, you will have space to do so here. This is the best place to update the Admissions staff with new and exciting things in your life.
  • How to send us updates (if you must). First of all, you do not need to send us anything extra. But if, for some reason, you want to send us something - like an extra letter from a coach / teacher / mentor / president of your fan club - the best way to do it is via fax. Saves on postage, trees, and carrier pigeons.

    You should send your faxes to 617-687-9184.

As always, if you have additional questions, you can email us at admissions [at] mit [dot] edu.


Now that the dust has finally settled on the Early Action period, we can release some statistics - and, even more importantly, some context in which to understand them.

This year was our biggest Early Action cycle ever. We received just over 6400 applications during Early Action, and we admitted 772 students - both record highs. And while it is impossible to know at this time exactly how many complete applications we will receive during Regular Action, we expect the final total (Early + Regular) to exceed 17,800!

Let's put these numbers in some historical context.

Just a few cycles ago, in 2007, around 3300 students applied during Early Action, and we admitted 390. About 12,400 students combined between Early and Regular Action applied that year - far less than the 17,000+ we expect for this year.

So what changed?

Well, for one, more students are applying to MIT every year - which makes me extra happy that we're expanding undergraduate enrollment with the opening of Maseeh Hall.

But the most striking shift, in terms of our process, has been in the proportion of students who apply Early Action vs Regular Action.

For a very long time, the application proportion was stable: about 1/3rd of domestic students applied Early Action, and about 2/3rds applied Regular Action. And, because we don't have any preference for students applying Early, our admit rate followed our applicant rate: we accepted about 1/3rd of our students Early and about 2/3rds of them Regular.

Today, however, almost half of our domestic applicants chose to apply during Early Action! So the number of students whom we accepted in Early rose accordingly. To do anything else would be unfair to those students who merited acceptance during Early Action.

One byproduct of this is that we were able to offer a final decision (admitted or not admitted) to many more students than last year. For those of you who were deferred: nothing has changed in our policy or practice from last year. Your application will be reconsidered without prejudice during Regular Action. We take many deferred students every year during Regular: our deferral constitutes neither a 'delayed acceptance' or a 'polite rejection', just an opportunity for reconsideration.

Another byproduct is that the number of students we accepted in Early Action rose quite a bit. However, it’s important to remember that we don't have any sort of preference for applying Early, nor do we give any 'bump', of any kind, for applying during either cycle. If you are a student that we want to bring to MIT, we will admit you. It does not matter when you apply.

I'm hammering this point home because, as with everything else in the college admissions process (SAT scores, GPAs, etc), raw numbers can be deceptive without the context in which to understand them. And what we don't want people to think is that they get any sort of edge by applying to MIT Early. If you want to apply to us Early, then great! But if you would rather apply Regular, you're all set. You're going to receive the same, fair, unprejudiced evaluation either way.

So here's the bullet points version of everything I've written above:

  • More students now apply during Early Action, so we now admit more students during Early Action
  • We still have no preference between Early Action and Regular Action applicants, so we will evaluate your application fairly no matter the cycle during which you apply.

Finally, I can tell you that the only thing that excites me more than the 772 students we accepted during Early Action are the remaining students we will accept during Regular Action. That means I've got mail to open and applications to read! TTFN!

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Does this mean there will be relatively more places for international students, so as to keep their percentage of enrollment the same?

Posted by: Abdellah on January 7, 2011

Hi Chris!
So, in my school, they released the transcript this week. I'm an international student, so I already asked an agency to translated it and it should be done today. I'm picking it up in a moment. I already sent all the other parts of my application, so I called the admission office on Wednesday and they said that I should fax the transcript. The number they gave me was 617 2588304, and I noticed you said to send any additional documents to 617 6879184. Which one should I send to?

Posted by: Nadia on January 7, 2011

@Nadia -

The 8304 number will also work. We have two. The 9184 number is just a bit faster for people sending faxes. Fear not!

Posted by: Chris Peterson @ MIT Admissions on January 7, 2011

Dang...I should have applied this year and not last year :(

Posted by: James on January 7, 2011

... wow. I think my eyes would fall out from reading that many applications. 17,800? Really?

Posted by: Piper '12 on January 7, 2011

@james -

Don't be so sure. This year the admissions rate will be likely be lower, overall, than last year. It is still tough to get in to MIT, no matter when you apply.

@piper -


Posted by: Chris Peterson @ MIT Admissions on January 7, 2011

Chris, would the admissions office take SAT scores into context based on race/country? And after the extremely large number of applications you've been receiving (in past years), is it safe to assume you're well familiar with different countries' grading systems and averages? Or should I get my counselor to submit country context for both the SAT and grades?
I'm int'l, in case that wasn't clear smile

Posted by: James on January 7, 2011

@James -

We realize that international students may not be as familiar with standardized testing regimes. However, they are still required to demonstrate academic preparedness for MIT.
your counselor should feel comfortable sending whatever information they think would provide helpful context for us.

Posted by: Chris Peterson @ MIT Admissions on January 7, 2011

Sorry, I was referring to the opposite happening. My standardized scores are quite rare (in the good way) for my country, seeing as like you said most aren't familiar with such regimes, and I was wondering if that would be taken into context.

Posted by: James on January 7, 2011

I kinda feel like I missed out by not applying Early Action -_-

Posted by: Alberto on January 7, 2011

I was a early action applicant who was deferred to regular action. How many of the 5628 non-accepted early aplicants were deferred?

Posted by: Steven on January 7, 2011

Wait... that was supposed to be for Chirs. Sorry James! Thanks Chris!

Posted by: Steven on January 7, 2011

hi steven - i'm not actually sure! like we know the number, but i don't know it personally. sorry!

Posted by: Chris Peterson @ MIT Admissions on January 7, 2011

Hi Chris,
I am an applicant from Bangladesh
I submitted the MIT application Part 2 on January the 1st, but in the "GCSE/A-Level/IB/AP scores" section ( Number 18 ) , I only put in my A-Level scores but didn't put my O-Level scores in. Is that a problem?I am sure my O-Level school has attached a copy of my O-Level certificate with the secondary school report that they have sealed and given me.
I have also put in copies of my A-Level and O-Level certificates with the supplemental materials that I have mailed on Jan 1st.

Posted by: 4.50 on January 8, 2011

Hi Chris,
I find the homeschooling tips helpful. I am a homeschooled student and wishes to know how you would like to see a homeschooled transcript. Is it required for one to send only the transcript or provide as a comprehensive portfolio including transcript( i.e course description,reading list etc).However in the website nothing more in detail is explained about the transcripts of homeschooled students,and I wish to get more tips

Posted by: Noe on January 8, 2011

Dear Chris,

Thank you for your great bulletin. I am an international student from MYANMAR. I first concerned about the fact that whether or not MIT has received my school forms, but I think I have relieved my stress from your information. I also want to know clearly that the phrase "not processed" at MyMIT means either you have received but they haven't been processed or you haven't received therefore, haven't processed. Thanks you!

Posted by: Thura on January 8, 2011

What happened to the "we are committed to accepting no more than 30% of the class EA" policy?

Posted by: confused '14 on January 8, 2011


I want to get some advice from you. I have sent TOEFL score, but not SAT. My TOEFL score is 600 in paper test. My SAT physics and math scores are both 800. Because international students whose native language is not English have two options, I am now ambivalent whether or not I should submit SAT scores. My SAT scores are 540 for critical reading, 730 for writing and 770 for math. Should I submit them? If it can support me positively when evaluating me, I want to submit; instead, if it jeopardizes me, I will not.

Posted by: Brian on January 8, 2011

@ Chris,
Just asking, will a sudden, though not too sharp, drop in grades in the midyear report raise too many eyebrows, or do you consider the fact that the exams get tougher as school approaches an end?

Posted by: Ayman on January 8, 2011

@ Chris,
Will a sudden, though not too sharp, drop in grades in the midyear report raise too many eyebrows, or will the fact that the workload increases and the exams get tougher as school approaches an end be taken into consideration?

Posted by: Ayman on January 8, 2011

@Brian You can send the SAT scores if you want.But you are fulfilling the criteria without that only i.e TOEFL and two SAT subject tests.The committee will consider the best scores only.I hope there is no harm even if you send.

Posted by: Bhaskar on January 8, 2011

Hello Chris,

I have a problem. I thought that sending Transcripts and Evaluations via e-mail was okay but then I red that I have to send them via mail. Should I send them via mail ASAP or e-mail is okay?

Ouyan Zhou

Posted by: Ouyan on January 8, 2011

Hey Brian. Where are you from? We can get in touch since I am an international student applying as well. Thanks

Posted by: Franto on January 8, 2011

Oh my god Chris! You actually look like Jason Segel (Marshall Eriksen from "How I Met Your Mother")!!
Oh dear god! That's freaking awesome!
I must say I was really surprised! :p

Posted by: Utkarsh Singh (hopeful '15!) on January 8, 2011

sorry for the delay guys - I was at FIRST Robotics kickoff today!

@4.50 -

not a problem, thanks for sending us everything

@Noe -

thanks for the feedback on our site. to be safe, why don't you send the portfolio. and make sure to include some letters besides your parents!

@thura -

glad to help!

@confused '14 -

i addressed this in the post. that policy made sense when 1/3rd of our students applied EA and we wanted to keep it proportional. but we're still keeping it proportional. more kids just apply EA now.

@brian -

you do need to submit your SAT scores, but we will take your TOEFL instead of your critical reading, so don't worry.

@ayman -

depends on what happens.

@ouyan -

your should fax them!

@utkarsh -

thanks, i guess!

Posted by: Chris Peterson @ MIT Admissions on January 8, 2011

This is an international applicant.
I submitted my MIT application part 1 on October 26 and part 2 on January 1. When I submitted part 2, I recognized a mistake made in part 1 under the section "Family Information" for my mother's educational background. I accidentally checked "yes" in case of "High School Graduate?" which is supposed to be "no". Although I have marked "Less than High School" for "Highest Level of Education".

Also, in one of the non-scholastic distinctions (part 2), I marked "school" instead of "regional" by mistake. I won the competition "Canvas '06" (in tenth grade) which was not a school competition but regional.

Now, I am like freaking out about these two mistakes. Can anything be done? I e-mailed the admissions office two days before but haven't got the reply yet.
On a side note: I really enjoyed the whole application process.

Posted by: Physics Geek on January 8, 2011

Haha, I like that TTFN!! :D

Posted by: 0 on January 8, 2011

Thanks Chris..that helps for sure (:
Have you got an account in CC?.
Just wants to check if its yours or not.

Posted by: Noe on January 8, 2011

In my part 2 application I marked that I was taking the Math II subject test. I signed up for the Math I when I registered. Will it be a problem since I marked that I am taking the Math II on the application? How do I make this change in my application?

Posted by: Anonymous on January 8, 2011

I want to take admission in i want guidance of a person nd i think u are perfect.admission in engineering,i want.please give me suggestions,my parents can not afford hi-fi fees.

Posted by: Monica Pal on January 9, 2011

@Anonymous 02:02 : You can e-mail the admissions office about this, or you can change your test to Math II on the day you're taking the test. You don't need to notify CollegeBoard about it, and there will be no fee. Just talk to the officers who will be in charge of the test.

Posted by: Abdellah on January 9, 2011


If so, you will expand the student body starting from this year, including international students?

Posted by: Isaac Newton on January 9, 2011

yes, isaac, we are expanding the student body this year.

Posted by: Chris Peterson @ MIT Admissions on January 9, 2011

Dear Chris

I am a student from Myanmar. Because I am a high school graduate of 2009 ( The fact that the reason why graduated early in Burmese high school and other information are explained in my application), I no longer have midyear report. Does this put me at a disadvantage? I am afraid that you will not have enough information to evaluate me; therefore, I have conducted interview in October, but because my region doesn't have any MIT ECs, it was the Skype interview. I believe my interview completed successfully. Because of the slow connection and interruptions, I am afraid that my interview report doesn't include enough information about me; therefore, I sincerely hope you will understand my situation. The online interview isn't as good as face-to-face interview. I also hope my counselor will explain it in the report.

Posted by: Thura on January 9, 2011


In the reading process in regular action, you first evaluate the domestic students. After that you evaluate international students, isn't it? Although you say that each student stands his or her own, it is inevitable that you will compare against students one another to collect the best students, isn't it?

Posted by: Thair on January 9, 2011

@thura -

No worries about the midyear grade. And I'm sure your interview was fine. We'll understand in context.

@Thair -

not really. we have a pretty good system for understanding students in their own context. but i'm afraid if i said anymore i'd be giving away secrets for harvard to steal!! wink

Posted by: Chris Peterson @ MIT Admissions on January 9, 2011

Hey Chris,
In the Mid-year report will there be a provision for a link to a blog , video or a picture gallery ?

Posted by: Shehzad Lokhandwalla on January 9, 2011

@shehzad -


Posted by: Chris Peterson @ MIT Admissions on January 9, 2011

@chris The harvard one was really funny.haha..Anyways thanks for replying on mail.Will be creating a website,most probably.Do you have any idea where to upload the pdf? Can't use naviance or edocs.Any other option which you would suggest.That ''somewhere'' is a bit confusing..Please let me know.

Posted by: Bhaskar on January 9, 2011

on myMIT there will be the midyear report; on the midyear report there is a place for you to write anything you want including a link.

Posted by: Chris Peterson @ MIT Admissions on January 9, 2011

Cool B)

Another question.
I had recently sent a fax with some additional information which should have been a part of the last question of the application (PART 2), will the fax be attached to the application while it is reviewed or will be treated separately like the teacher evaluations.

Posted by: Shehzad Lokhandwalla on January 9, 2011

Chris, I know you're being bombarded with questions from every angle, but I'm forced to add to that for a moment.
I was deferred from EA, and I'm trying to take the most active role possible to change my standing before March. I know you've got a ton to look through, but I was wondering if I could send...let's say, less than typical complementary items for my application? And also if you'll accept links.
Oh, and do you have a recommendation of how many times I send updates in? (I anticipate myself having a very busy spring...)

Posted by: Todd Kozlowski on January 9, 2011

I humbly thank you and all of the admissions faculty for the immense amount of work that you guys do. I was deferred to regular action, and I was wondering if there was any way to perhaps edit or change our essay responses on our original application. I understand that this might be considered unfair, so I want to makes sure this is allowed before I go through with it. Reading over my essays for an umpteenth time made me realize that they seem to be empty of my voice due to the editing done to fit the word limit.
Thanks for your response :D

Posted by: Antonio Moreno on January 9, 2011

I know exactly what you mean, it was a bit difficult at times.

Posted by: Austin on January 10, 2011

@Chris What about my doubt? :(

Posted by: Physics Geek on January 10, 2011

Dear Chris

I am happy that MIT will expand its student body this year. Can you expect or guess how many more students MIT will increase for the class of 2015, including international students? I understand that it is difficult for you to give me (and all of us) the exact number this time; therefore, I don’t take it too much.

Posted by: Curious'15 on January 10, 2011

Hey Chris,
I am international applicant from Bangladesh

I had some additional info (that contains pictures) to add to my Part 2. So should I fax them or should I just wait for the midyear report?

Does the applications review begin before the midyear report is received by MIT? If so, I am worried that waiting for the midyear will be too late and might disadvantage me.

So could you pleease clarify?

Posted by: FarhanN5 on January 10, 2011

I'm also curious about the midyear report. My school uses a quarter based system, and first quarter grades were already reported in my transcript. Now, I wasn't too happy with my grades and I've improved them since that quarter, and will report the new grades in the midyear report obviously, but will the first quarter grades be looked at?
PS: The reason I don't think they should be looked at is because the midyear grades I'm going to send in are an average of the first and second quarter, so they take the 1st quarter grades already sent on the transcript into account.
Should I add a note about this?
Thanks Chris smile

Posted by: John65 on January 10, 2011

I have read that the class size will increase by around 80 this year.

Posted by: Dimitris on January 10, 2011

hello friends not panic !!
if you have the right conscience to judge yourself everything will be fine and you can present yourself as a complete applicant!!

Posted by: Sandesh on January 10, 2011

Dear Chris,

first of all thank you for your attention to our questions.
The SAT exams are not held in my country and it's not possible for me going abroad to take part in the exam, should i tell MIT to wave my SAT scores?
I ticked the research portfolio and gave our website URL, but its domain has expired now and we just changed its domain, what is the best way for giving the new and right URL, faxing the problem and the URL or e-mail it?
I made a mistake while completing my non-scholastic distinctions and missed writing "TENNIS" word in one of them! is there any way to correct that?

Posted by: Pouyan on January 10, 2011

Hi Chris.
In the Midyear report there is space only for 9 classes. However I am taking more than that. Can I just put in the report the classes I feel are the most important to me?

Posted by: Sean on January 10, 2011

Hi Chris.
In the Midyear report there is space only for 9 classes. However I am taking more than that. Can I just put in the report the classes I feel are the most important to me?

Posted by: Sean on January 10, 2011

Hey Chris,

I know you're flooded with questions right now, but I was hoping that you or one of my fellow commenters might be able to help me out with a dilemma I'm having...

So I took the Physics SAT Subject Test in October in time for EA and I got a 780 on it. I was pretty happy with that, since I had only taken Physics 1 the year before (basically, intro to physics) and had not learned much yet in Physics AP, so I had to prepare by myself for the test. When I got deferred, I got paranoid, and so I wanted to take the test again, both because I wanted to see if I could do better, and because I kept worrying that I would be at a disadvantage compared to all the people who got 800s on this test. So, I signed up to take it in January, BUT I stupidly forgot to note that I have this music conference for orchestra at the same exact time on the other side of the state. I really want to and need to be at this music conference. But my mom and I both want me to retake the Physics SAT. I'm almost certain I can get an 800 this time because of everything that I've learned in Physics AP this year.

Okay, so that was a novel, but anyway, here's my question:
I know that MIT reviews apps while taking into account the context of things (like the fact that I had taken the Physics SAT at the beginning of the school year before learning much in Physics AP), but at the same time, I do want to know that I'm capable of getting the best score. Will a 780 instead of an 800 make any difference in admissions?

Posted by: Shela on January 10, 2011


Take a deep breath and relax. I got a 650 on Physics SAT. Now obviously YMMV, but I would recommend that you find another way to make your app stand out. What makes you different from the 17,000+ other applicants? What makes you different from all the other ones who got 800/780 on SAT Physics?

Posted by: ThePlaz '13 on January 10, 2011


*exhales. Okay, deep breaths. XD
Thanks for the reply. I keep trying to wrap my head around the fact that a great school like MIT would consider things other than just stellar SAT scores.

Am I correct in guessing that the midyear report will be the best place for me to think about what makes me stand out?

Posted by: Shela on January 11, 2011

Hi Chris

Your news are helpful and I'm glad that he's an Iranian. Will MIT increase the number of international undergraduates students too?

Posted by: Morteza on January 11, 2011


Do you know how many more international students will be accepted.

Posted by: Curious'15 on January 11, 2011

Call me crazy...but if there were about 6,000 early action, and 18,000 total...doesn't that make 12,000 regular action? Which means the early action was still only a third. Or am I missing something?

Thanks everyone. Best wishes to all the deferrals (including me)!

Posted by: Cheesehead on January 11, 2011


Is it OK if I send extra letter now? Can it be the frustrated letter for you since you have to read so many applications?

Posted by: Thura on January 12, 2011

sorry for the delay everyone!

@Shehzad -

we don't treat anything separately.

@Todd -

mid year report. you can include links on it. try to avoid having a busy spring - include what you can in the MYR and on your links.

@Antonio -

no, you can't change your essays. i mean i suppose you could, but we would be unlikely to consider them. frankly, the best thing for you to do, if you want to show some more of your "voice", is to do so on the mid year report.

@Curious -

sorry, don't know the number!

@FarhanN5 -

mid year report. the answer is always the midyear report.

@John65 -

yes they will be looked at, but so will the new grades (and you can send in your 2nd quarter separately if you want i suppose).

@Pouyan -

unfortunately, you can't waive your SAT scores. we cannot consider an application without the required SAT or ACT scores.

@Sean -

no, you should put the rest of your classes in the space below.

@Shela -

your 780 is not holding you back. it will not make a difference.

@Morteza -

probably, but not sure by how much.

@Cheesehead -

half of DOMESTIC applicants. the balance is made up by internationals.

@Thura -

sure you can fax an extra letter in if you want, as i said in the post above.

Posted by: Chris Peterson @ MIT Admissions on January 12, 2011

Hi Chris
I am an international student from Colombia. My school year began in January and ended in December, therefore I already submitted all my school work in the Part2 of the application. At the moment I am learning french in Montreal and working as a volunteer for green planet.

What should I submit in the Midyear report? Should I submit all my grades once again or should I send information about the activities I am doing right now ?

Posted by: Juana on January 12, 2011

Hi Chris
I am an international student from Colombia. My school year began in January and ended in December, therefore I already submitted all my school work in the Part2 of the application. At the moment I am learning french in Montreal and working as a volunteer for green planet.

What should I submit in the Midyear report? Should I submit all my grades once again or should I send information about the activities I am doing right now ?

Posted by: Juana on January 12, 2011

Chris, thanks for your reply. I just have one quick question:
For midyear report grades, should I put my mid-year exam grades, or semester (quarter 1, quarter 2, mid-year exam) averages? Or can I choose the one that portrays me in a better light?

Thanks a lot!

Posted by: John65 on January 12, 2011

Actually one other question popped up: (sorry!)
I was recently watching McGreggor Crowley's webcast, and he says that to him, the SAT and SAT II scores are pretty much the least important parts of the application. Is that true?

Posted by: John65 on January 12, 2011

Holy bucket. A bunch of those per DAY? I'd have thought more people faxed but maybe not.

On a completely unrelated note, is my SAT1 at 660/680/590 going to put me at a significant disadvantage considering I'm international?
I only ask because I'll have to wake up at 5am (and take a night bus) as a standby tester to retake it.

Posted by: Tush on January 12, 2011

Thank you for the reply. It would have been tough to do with only 250 words as well. I shall take your advice, and use the MidYear report for the updates it was meant to be used as.

Posted by: Antonio Moreno on January 12, 2011

Hi Chris, on the grades section can I put my predicted scores given to me by the teachers (our school provides this to student's applying for the US and UK) or do I have to wait till Feb to get my final term report, if there isn't a delay we should get our scores by 11th.
We have 2 exams for our final year - selections and rehearsals. Selections is conducted in September and rehearsals is still in progress. We also have a board examination that is not a school affair.
And instead of grades (A,B,C or 1,2,3) can we give our exact marks on 100.

Posted by: Shehzad Lokhandwalla on January 13, 2011


What can I do regarding the midyear report because I am a high school graduate? Can I write additional essays? If not, what should I do?

Posted by: Thura on January 13, 2011

@juana @thura-

just send in info about what you're doing now.

@john65 -

midyears. and yes, mcg is correct.

@shehzad -

wait til feb. the deadline isn't until after the 11th.

Posted by: Chris Peterson @ MIT Admissions on January 13, 2011

Can I send a letter from a man, although we don't know each other well? Can it be my help? Please give me some suggestions.

Posted by: Thura on January 13, 2011

OK, I have to write about my current information. Should I write that just like I write essays or should I write like that " I am now taking AP physics class,etc", for example. Is there deadline for midyear report? MIT will announced the time when we can fill in midyear report, isn't it?

Posted by: Thura on January 13, 2011

I am from the UK and so we format date differently here, consequently I have entered my date of birth incorrectly on some of my forms- is there any way to rectify this?

Posted by: Seliat on January 13, 2011

@Seliat -

just email admissions [at] mit [dot] edu.

Posted by: Chris Peterson @ MIT Admissions on January 13, 2011

Thank you Chris.
I just hope that I am not in any disadvantage if I submit my mid-year report late....... smile

Posted by: Shehzad Lokhandwalla on January 13, 2011

Received mail is processed in the order in which they are received, right? Which date's mail are you currently handling?

Posted by: Ceesay on January 13, 2011

Dear Chris,
Thanks for your answer.
but it was written:
All students must meet the testing requirements. You may not substitute other exams (such as IB, A Levels, etc.) for the above testing requirements. Students from countries where the SAT and ACT are not offered (such as Iran and the People's Republic of China) will be considered without a full set of required test scores on a case-by-case basis.
@ International helpful tips
admission blogs

Posted by: Pouyan on January 13, 2011

Hi Chris,

I have a question about application from Australia. You know that a school year begins in January, and therefore there is a half year gap between that of the North sphere. Is there any regular practice for there application year. Should they apply half year earlier or later? If earlier, they would not have their Midyear Report ready for the admission process, yet if later,they would have to decide on their acceptance to Australian Unis before they admission results from their much preferred options in the US.

Thanks in advance,


Posted by: Banging on January 14, 2011


I had my interview on the 18th of December but there is no mention of it in my organizer. So I was wondering whether to fill the conducted interview form. Should i fill it now or wait for the 26th of January when you guys would be free(relatively) from those piles of documents. Please advice me on my course of action. I realize that you have a lot in hand right now and I don't want to make life tougher for you.

Posted by: Pratyush on January 14, 2011

How important is the midyear report? How much will it negatively affect an applicant if they don't have many activities to report on it? Should I explain on the report that activities for high school graduates is very limited in my country?

Posted by: Ceesay on January 14, 2011

@Pouyan: Even if they waive it you have little chance getting an offer because without SAT they have almost no academic information about you. You should register at one of neighbor country for SAT II (like turkey or UAE but I fear there's no time now). SAT II is very easy.

Posted by: Morteza on January 14, 2011

I understand that it takes some time to process the school forms by mail, but on my mit dashboard only some of my school forms have been received, even though all forms were sent in the same package. Is this a problem, or should I just wait

Posted by: Seliat on January 14, 2011

i have a question sir
i m from india..i have 99 percent scores in my 10 class but due to some problems i couldnt do well in 12 class..i was planning to aply for mit but didnt do m in 1 sem for BE..m planning to apply for transfers to i have any chances of getting in despite my 12 class scores being not so good..

Posted by: sanaya on January 15, 2011

Hi Chris.

I see that Midyear report asks for grades but, here in India, we have the percentage sytem. I have completed my pre-boards as mentioned above (in one of the posts) that Board exams, here, have nothing to do with school and we give them at the end of class 10th and 12th.

So I thought of putting my pre-board exams marks.
Some marks are on scale of 100 and some on 70 (excluding 30% in practicals). What should I do then?
How can I fill in my marks?

Thanks in advance!

Posted by: Ash on January 15, 2011

It is indeed very confusing ! But at the same time its important as I think we have to submit a final report if we are selected.

Posted by: Shehzad Lokhandwalla on January 15, 2011

i've sent to you my sat1 scores before i submitted part1. now it shows that they are not processed. what should i do?

thank you.

Posted by: y on January 15, 2011

Yay Logomotion!

Posted by: Kevin on January 15, 2011


Posted by: Alex on January 16, 2011

I have neither :( but still have hope smile

Posted by: Anonymous on January 16, 2011

Hi Chris,
I am an international student and i was wondering whether it is normal for evaluations sent on the 17th of December to be indicated as "not processed" still?

Posted by: Ted on January 16, 2011

hi Chris
One quick question.
I'm a 10th grade student from China, preparing for application recently. I'm now wondering, since in my country the SAT and ACT are not offered, is it available if I take the exam abroad(or in Hongkong)?
Thanks a lot!

Posted by: Nora on January 16, 2011

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