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Dec 17, 2011

Open Thread: EA Deferred

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We had incredibly strong EA applicants this year, and unfortunately we could not take all of them. If your decision was deferred, then we will reconsider your application anew in Regular Action.

We'll have some additional advice and instructions for Deferred students shortly. In the meantime, please feel free to use this forum to chat.

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Worst possible outcome for me (3 more months of waiting!) Full version:

Posted by: Chris on December 17, 2011

First... although I wish I was in a different thread, of course. I'm looking forward to that advice and instructions, MIT! Thanks for all of your hard work on our applications, though, and may I just say that - regardless of the final decision - your application has been the most fun for me to work on, and made me feel more comfortable than any other application I've seen. I feel like you see more as a whole person. Thank you.

Posted by: Heather on December 17, 2011

So, I'm just curious, does anybody know if there is actually any chance of getting admitted in RD if you were deferred in EA? I considered myself a fairly strong, but not exceptional candidate, and I expected this, but it was still hard, as MIT was my absolute dream school.

Posted by: Dale Hall on December 17, 2011

Ah, so I guess not first, after all. smile

Good luck with the waiting, Chris. I know how you feel - I'm going to go crazy over the next three months!

Posted by: Heather on December 17, 2011

Even though I didn't get admitted I'm pretty fine with being deferred. Although now I sort of feel like I'm in limbo. Hope the rest of you guys who got deferred feel okay with it and I hope that we all do well.

Posted by: Cristian on December 17, 2011

Darn! I was really hoping... What percentage of EA applicants get deferred?

Posted by: Spencer Jackson on December 17, 2011

this is the worst day of my life. If we didn't look strong enough now.. I highly highly doubt we will get accepted during RD. Why don't they just accept or reject and force us to accept reality that no matter what you do, it just isn't good enough.

Posted by: Allison on December 17, 2011

Dale, if you look at the stats from last year, they admitted 232 from EA during Regular Decision. Our chances of getting admitted went down, but we still definitely have a chance.

Posted by: Heather on December 17, 2011

Oh well - at least were still in this! Good luck everyone and congrats to those admitted!

Posted by: Harry on December 17, 2011

Not really too much of a surprise.

Posted by: Calvin on December 17, 2011

March is soooo far away.

Posted by: Patrick on December 17, 2011

> I considered myself a fairly strong, but not exceptional candidate

From what I gather reading @Chris Peterson's posts, I think that's all of us. Now we have a month to become exceptional smile

Posted by: Anish Tondwalkar on December 17, 2011

Good luck to all of us deferred people!

Posted by: James Stewart on December 17, 2011

@Dale, there is totally a chance of being accepted RD. I don't have the statistics on hand but I was accepted after being deferred and so were a few of my other friends. So keep your head up, spend some time on your midyear report and finish off senior year strong.

@Allison, again, don't think that way! There's still a chance. Here's a great blog post by Matt McGann on the subject (

Posted by: Natnael G. '15 on December 17, 2011

Our chances went down to 5.7%. At least that is, the percent of those who were defered last year that eventualy got in. We still have a chance. We just have to stay positive.

Posted by: Claire on December 17, 2011

Hey, everyone, I'm a '14, and I got deferred. They can't accept their whole class early action; this means that you are so strong that they can't stand to let you go. Don't give up hope because the admissions department is fighting for you.

Posted by: Julia on December 17, 2011

Here are the stats (
4042/6404 ~63% Deferred
232/4042 ~5.8% Deferred--> Accepted

Posted by: Natnael G. '15 on December 17, 2011

Before I got my decision, I felt like my application was in a quantum superposition: it was accepted, deferred, and denied all at the same time, and it wouldn't pick one state until I "observed" my decision. Now, I'm still in that same state--until I get a decision, I'm accepted and denied. Both. At once. I've never before appreciated the cruelty of the Schrodinger's cat thought experiment.

I want college admissions (all colleges--not just MIT) to be more predictable. I want to be able to measure and predict the quality of my applications in a controlled, laboratory setting. But I can't. I can only hope that I've done the best job I possibly can and hope that I person I've never met hundreds of miles away appreciates the .pdf version of me.

Posted by: Kathleen on December 17, 2011

Having to wait for my decisions while my friends are getting their acceptances for other schools is the only bad part about being deferred. But knowing that I can still be admitted is certainly reassuring. Hopefully I will be posting on the "Admitted" thread on Pi day!

Posted by: Bryan on December 17, 2011


Most of them...don't worry, less than 1000 of the 6000 or so EA applicants actually get in on the first go. The other 4000-5000 get deferred (check 2011 admission stats).

Great. Another 3 months. Thanks, MIT. Sorry if I sound angry or disappointed but I can't help it.

On the up side, at least it's not a flat denial.

Posted by: Sherman on December 17, 2011

What to do now? Should I keep trying? Do I give up?

I assumed this would happen and even expected it. But, it still hurts. Everyone wants to go to MIT. I was the same. It strange to see now that we are all different. Lines have been drawn between us. Only the select will be able to cross this line.

It hurts to see that I'm graded on a midyear report when all my school competitions are in the second semester. Only a few things will change for me.

It seems that this blow was the last.

Posted by: William on December 17, 2011

Keep the faith guys! I got deferred, not too disappointed. I didn't get denied. There's still a chance. I'm trying not to get brought down by stats.

Relating to Heather's post... I agree, the MIT application was/is BY FAR the best one I've worked on yet.

Posted by: Mitchell on December 17, 2011

Fingers crossed for a better Pi Day

(Toes crossed too)

Posted by: Aparajitha on December 17, 2011

this year, they let in only about 10% of EA admits, compared to the ~13% they let in last year. know what that means? higher RA admit rate, and a higher chance for deferrals!

Posted by: Jerry Z on December 17, 2011

@Kathleen -- I love your post...Schrodinger's cat indeed.

I was (and am) optimistic about my application. It's just annoying not to have definitive feedback -- and have to worry about all my other applications. I mean, it's not like I wasn't planning on finishing them anyway, but it would have put me in a nice mood while working on them if I already had an MIT acceptance.

Posted by: Caroline on December 17, 2011

I like to think of it this way: it's better to get deferred than denied! We all have a month now to do our best so we can get in! Does anyone know around how many EA applicants usually get deferred? If around 230 EA deferred got in last year, that's still pretty good!

Posted by: Maryam on December 17, 2011

On the plus side: Neil DeGrasse Tyson is doing a reddit AMA:

Posted by: Kathleen on December 17, 2011

Got deferred eh?

Deferred is a self-serving mechanism MIT employs to keep you (us)
from going on Jihad or jumping off a bridge or something and casting
a poor light on MIT's admission process.

Deferred mean you're done pal. Don't even bother with regular admission 'cause
the only way you might have a chance is if MIT admissions somehow overlooked
the fact that you ( your family) are really, really, really rich, or really, really, really Asian.

You're done...


Posted by: m_quinn on December 17, 2011

5.8%?! ouch. The thing here is that all of us are very similar, so it's going to be pretty difficult. Oh well, thank goodness for backup schools, and still 2 weeks on the Common App.

Posted by: Dale Hall on December 17, 2011


Completely agree with the Schrodinger's cat analogy. I am still simultaneously believing I will be denied and admitted (deferred is gone now, wonder why...?)


Please let us talk in peace. I disagree with you, by the way.

At least I'll have some things to add to my application on the Midyear Report...

Posted by: Heather on December 17, 2011

Not rejected, but not admitted (yet) least that's how I see it.
The bright side: we get to improve our applications a little.

Good luck to all the deferred applicants and congrats to the accepted!

Posted by: Emily on December 17, 2011

It could have been worse! I consider deferral to be a good thing (although not as good as acceptance obviously)

Posted by: Robert Walsh on December 17, 2011


Hey, whats a troll?

to everyone else, stay strong, there's still a chance. And even if we get rejected later on, things will work out. As long as you stay positive they do. It may not be how we envision it at the start, but who can tell the future anyway?

Good luck to us all.

Posted by: Anon on December 17, 2011

@Kathleen -- I love that analogy with Schrodinger's cat! For the few moments before the decision sank in, I think I was seeing three different outcomes at once! was actually kind of cool. smile

Good luck to everyone on the next round!

Posted by: Jeffrey on December 17, 2011

With the limited number of spots, you could say we're incompatible observables.

Ofc, I'm sure that this type of competitive paradigm is detrimental to us and it's NOT what MIT wants in their applicants, but I'm a sucker for QM jokes. raspberry

Anyone want to make this a physics joke thread (to help us with that 3 month wait) ?

Posted by: Anish Tondwalkar on December 17, 2011

Ah well. Mine was the application that talked about stroking the interface cable. Good times. BTW, happy birthday Vishal!

Posted by: KP on December 17, 2011

Well guess I'll actually do the musical supplement and hope for the best next round. Good luck to everyone else who got deferred.

Posted by: Andrew on December 17, 2011

Well, I'm not surprised. It's unfortunate, but I'm not surprised. I'm not going to get in regular decision either, because the one applicant who got in at my school is going to go to MIT. Plus, she's a girl, and won a science competition.

I'm sorry MIT that I don't take Biology or that my Ski Team thought it would be funnier for the stoner to be captain. Perhaps you'll look past that and chose me out of the thousands that were deferred like me.

Posted by: Well... on December 17, 2011

Last year, according to, 772 applicants were admitted early action, but of those deferred, only 232 were admitted regular action. Indeed, less than 6% of deferred applicants were admitted. On the other hand, 63% of all early applicants were deferred. Please forgive me if I treat my deferral as a "polite rejection."

Posted by: Killian on December 17, 2011

To those of you who were deferred,
I know it's rough. Although I didn't apply to MIT EA, I was in your shoes a year ago when I got deferred from my top choice school.
Having been there, I know it's easy to just be upset and want to give up. I'm not going to lie and say I wasn't a wreak for a couple days, but that's probably the worst way to deal with these things. Don't let it eat away at you. If you really want this, don't give up.

"Brick walls are there for a reason. They give us a chance to show how badly we want something."- Randy Pausch [Inspirational in every sense,]

That being said, keep positive, keep working hard, and don't forget to enjoy your last semester as a senior! You can do this!
Best of luck to all of you!

Posted by: Kirsten L. '15 on December 17, 2011

Does anyone know how much/what exactly we're allowed to add to our application if we were deferred?

Posted by: Jonathan on December 17, 2011


Don't be silly.

All that you midyear report will do is cost you the price of a stamp. The only additional info that will help you now is news of a massive inheritance or something.

When Pi day comes, and you are rejected, you'll fully understand...


Posted by: m_quinn on December 17, 2011

And so, welcome to the place in which you are stuck between two rocks: MIT regular admissions and all of the other college applications.

Winter break. Time to stress and relax. What an ironic state of being. :O

Posted by: Bohr Hew on December 17, 2011

It's so hard to be amazingly unique when everyone else is amazing too. Yeah I agree with Killian: forgive me if I treat this as a polite rejection.

I wish MIT wouldn't defer so many :(

Posted by: Anonymous on December 17, 2011

Unfortunate but it could be worse, time to register for the January SAT and see if I can improve on my scores. Honestly with a 650 chemistry score I'm blown away by the fact that I was deferred rather than straight-up rejected. Looks like they weren't kidding when they said that test scores are not extremely important. That must be where I need to improve then if my application was good enough to be deferred.

Was admitted to my 2nd choice school yesterday though so no stressing out about applying elsewhere. Good luck to you my fellow deferees

Posted by: David on December 17, 2011

Definitely not the worst possible outcome. I guess now its time to just hunker down and wait 'til Pi Day for Regular Decision admissions to be announced. I am just excited for the opportunity to compete for a spot at MIT, and being deferred by such an institution is not an end-all scenario. Good luck to all my fellow deferred students, and congratulations to all those admitted EA! I hope to join you in Cambridge this coming September.

Posted by: Jonathan Klus on December 17, 2011

Second deferral -__-
Its sooo anticlimactic. Months of waiting only to be told to wait more months. Ugh.

Then again, it could be worse. Could be denied flat out. At least this is more polite.

On a different not, why can't MIT accept most of its applicant during the EA period. We're the students who want to be there the most, not the students who are applying simply because they were rejected at their number 1. For most of us, this is our number 1.

I thought I had unique ECs (2 technical papers, worked on top 100 iPod app). I guess not -_-.

Well, guess I have to STRESS with school for another 3 months. GREAT!

Posted by: Edward on December 17, 2011

I was deferred when I applied EA 11 years ago. Then I was waitlisted come March. But I got in from the waitlist on May 11, 2001 -- so if you want to go to MIT, don't give up! Make sure to let the admissions office know about any new accomplishments you have.

Posted by: Graduate '05 SM '07 on December 17, 2011


Really? The chances are low for we the deferred, but your comments really aren't helping.

I empathize with all you others who are deferred. There's still a chance, and I wish all of us the best of luck. At least we're still in the running.

Posted by: Adrian Tasistro-Hart on December 17, 2011

@Adrian Tasistro-Hart

You must have misunderstood me: as a deferred, your chances of getting in RD are not merely low, they are nonexistent. Time to hang it up and appreciate MIT for what it really is...


Posted by: m_quinn on December 17, 2011


it is absolutely not true when you say that deferred applicants have no chance of being admitted during RA rounds.


Deferred: 4042
Total considered during RA: 15547
Percent deferred: 25.999%

Deferred accepted: 232
Total accepted during RA: 943
Percent deferred accepted: 24.602%

With only a 2% difference, it can be said that we are essentially weighed the same as those who applied regular.

Posted by: Bohr Hew on December 17, 2011

@Bohr Hew

On Pi day I want you to review your math ...


Posted by: m_quinn on December 17, 2011


umm... my math is correct. Check it as you please, and if there is any sort of error within it, please do not hesitate to explain my inadequacy.

By the way, I seriously rather not engage in a flame war upon this page which is SUPPOSED to be a page to alleviate the stress and concerns of those who were deferred.

Posted by: Bohr Hew on December 17, 2011

If we are deferred and our applications are looked at anew, are they re-summarized before committee or are the same summaries written during EA used?

Posted by: Alpha Bet on December 17, 2011

AHHH! I knew it was going to happen but it still hurts. Oh well. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger right? Keep holding on everyone! This is the time to make our RD applications as amazing as we wanted our MIT app to be. smile

Posted by: N. Dalvie on December 17, 2011

>If we are deferred and our applications are looked at anew, are they
>re-summarized before committee or are the same summaries written >during EAused?

I'd like this answered too.

Posted by: Anish Tondwalkar on December 17, 2011

Is it possible to find out why our applications were deferred? I am wondering if I should retake my standardized tests to get that 2400 everyone seems to need, or if I should allocate my financial resources elsewhere.

Posted by: Billy on December 17, 2011

@m_quinn there is never an absolute. If you honestly just enjoy putting people down, then there are other places for that. I don't know who you are or what you really want, but to make people feel even worse isn't needed at this time.

I wasn't surprised that I was deferred and actually had a dream about the night before (no joke here). Even if my chance of acceptance is now around 5% I still won't give up hope and who knows because this year isn't last year.

To anyone who is sad and worried, try not to dwell on it and don't give up hope. Also, ignore m_quinn because he seems like a troll. Remember, life still goes on smile

Posted by: Kevin on December 17, 2011


Posted by: Anonymous on December 17, 2011

@Samuel '13

I don't think that's really an appropriate comment to post here.

I disagree with your implication that we can't handle MIT-level course work - many of us could, I'm sure. MIT has said that around 70% of the applicants it gets are academically qualified to be at MIT, and so we could handle the coursework.

Also, this is a thread for us to chat and console each other and commiserate. Your comment comes off (perhaps unintentionally) as a bit snobbish and arrogant, and hurts us at a point when we are already fragile.

Posted by: Heather on December 17, 2011

I'm happy for this thread.
It feels like a support group.

I part of me died inside when I read that I got deferred.
However, there is still that part of me that still believes.

To those deferred, our time will come.

Posted by: devin on December 17, 2011

All the information the admissions office gives out, and has given out in the past can tell you that no specific factor of your application can tell you "what was wrong" with it. As with the rest of us who are now stuck in limbo, you submitted a very strong application that they did not want to reject. As with all institutions, MIT cannot fill their freshman class in early action alone, and they make sure they leave room for all the best applicants who first apply RA, as well as those of us who applied EA.
The only thing you can really do is update them on what you've done so far this year. If you play a sport, maybe your team won a championship since you sent in your application.
Maybe you went to some sort of event or competition with a club or class and did really well.
Other than that they check our midyear scores like they do for every other RA applicant, and then make a final decision.

Like everyone else here, I know I'm disappointed, but going into the application process I think most of us knew this was the most likely outcome. Obviously the wait is going to be tough, but i'm sure we'll make it. For those responding to m_quinn, he's been doing this since the EA process began. The best think we can all do is try to ignore him and go out and have some fun in January and February. I really recommend reading that blog post that i left up there ^, and that a few people left earlier in the thread. It really helps to understand what deferral means for us, and what we should and shouldn't be doing for the mid-year report.
Good luck everyone.

Posted by: Michael B, NJ on December 17, 2011

@ Kevin
Hey, I had a similar dream last night... :p I sort of expected/enthusiastically hoped I would be accepted, but last night I dreamed that I was denied (it was essentially a nightmare). Then I found out this morning that I was deferred. It was at least better than my dream, but worse than my hopes of being accepted early!

Posted by: Mason Williams on December 17, 2011

Lets post some stats.

i have a 34 act, 780 chem, 800 math sat, run triathlons, play a varsity sport, have a 4.13 gpa, wrote my essays very articulately and still got defered..

Posted by: Aaron on December 17, 2011

m_quinn, please stop trolling before I personally purchase an airline ticket to make you and your "statistics" nonexistent. Thanks.

Anyway, I just read that I was deferred. So what? At least I wasn't denied like the third poster on the denied thread. We share the SAME EXACT STATISTICS. So what's the difference? Who know? But at least I know I have a great midyear report that will trudge into Cambridge in January. And, there are always changes I can make to the application, and I know SEVERAL areas where I may have fallen short. I know there's hope, and, although my ego might have been shot out of this universe, I'm still here to apply and read the letter I get back on Pi Day.

I hope all of you have a Merry Christmas! And send me some snow! There isn't much in Mississippi! HAHA!

Posted by: Brian on December 17, 2011


Oh premonitions... what they can tell us.


you need to realize competition has improved drastically. In consecutive years MIT has needed to expand dorms in order to support incoming freshman as more freshman are applying.

Posted by: Kevin on December 17, 2011

Note to self: Make sure my English typed comes out correctly....

Posted by: Brian on December 17, 2011

how i feel

Posted by: Bobby on December 17, 2011


You've already stated your comments and gotten your point across, so please refrain from dragging others down needlessly. I like everyone else here got deferred and I do wish the results had been different. But that does not mean I start channeling my negative feelings towards others. Please do not respond to my, or anyone else's, post. If you are really as rational as you seem to claim to be, understand that your comments are neither constructive nor wanted. Please leave this thread.

Posted by: Cristian on December 17, 2011


Ignore @Samuel '13. Agree with you totally that his comments came across as mean spirited and totally uncalled for.

All the best to EA deferred applicants. Happy holidays.

Posted by: :) on December 17, 2011

I have a few points to bring up.

1) m_quinn is a horrible troll. Look at his posts in the other threads.

2) @Samuel. That's not a fair assumption to make. I'm pretty sure that a decent amount of people here have similar stats to you and could handle the coursework. Not to be rude, but your post is on the edge of being extremely condescending.

3) My fellow EA-ers. RELAX. We have time. We have work ahead of us. But, most importantly, we have a goal.

Posted by: Edward on December 17, 2011

^ Actually what she said was correct. The majority of the applicants can handle the work. It's all comes down to fit. Most people can do the work definitely are intellectually up to par but the adcoms believe that other factors (personality, background, etc) may make the applicant better for a different school.

Posted by: Anonymous on December 17, 2011

This is your captain speaking, welcome aboard the USS Deferred.

Posted by: Mason Williams on December 17, 2011

@ Samuel '13

The post I just made to @m_quinn also applies to you to. Please leave this thread. I'm sure everyone reading this agrees with me that we are reading this after a time when most of us are severely disappointed, and your comments aren't helpful. Please go away.

Posted by: Cristian on December 17, 2011

I'm hoping that if I keep opening the decision, eventually it will change.


Posted by: Carrie on December 17, 2011


We're all well aware of it. We will trust MIT's final decision when admissions are completely over. Until then it's best not to give up hope and burst into tears or dwell on that fact. I understand that you think we're incapable of handling MIT's course work. And I also understand you don't want us to have false hope. However, using your free time and blatantly telling us off that we're unfit for MIT and alluding to the fact that we're some levels below you because you were accepted just shows us how immature you are. Now if you would, please kindly leave us be. We can handle ourselves perfectly fine thank you.


.... I don't think violence is in anyway an appropriate coping mechanism.

Posted by: Kevin on December 17, 2011

I have a 2340 SAT, 800 in both Math II and chem, and I'm in the top 2% of my class. And I still got deferred. Stats like these are meaningless because MIT, (really one of the only schools that truly does this) looks at more than that. If you are excellent at rote memorization, replication of material that's already been done, you'll have excellent stats. But if on top of that you have that spark of innovation, the stuff that officers read and keep reading, that's something more. We can't keep whining that we got deferred just because we have nice numbers. It's the point of the essays.

Posted by: Hrishi on December 17, 2011

"^ Actually what she said was correct. The majority of the applicants can handle the work. It's all comes down to fit. Most people can do the work definitely are intellectually up to par but the adcoms believe that other factors (personality, background, etc) may make the applicant better for a different school."
Posted by: Anonymous on December 17, 2011

The other important thing to remember is that the stated goal of the admissions office is to select the best possible MIT community. That means accepting a diverse group of students from many different backgrounds, and with many different interests. They can't accept 1700 electrical engineers, and they can't accept 1700 baseball players.
Throwing around stats from standardized tests isn't going to help us work out "why we were deferred," nor will it help us in the wait for RD notification. Just sit back, relax, finish your other applications if you haven't already (Even if MIT is "the only school you can see yourself attending." I'm sure it's a first choice for most if not all of us), and enjoy the holidays.
take some advice for Douglas Adams

Posted by: Michael B, NJ on December 17, 2011

There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.

MIT was the dream for a long time. And it probably won't happen now. Yes, there is a small chance of getting in RA, but I'm not betting on it. So time to move on, to dream other dreams. And, to admitted students: have fun with psets.

Now I get to write essays all Christmas break. Yay?

Posted by: Grant on December 17, 2011

@Samuel '13

It's not about competing with your intellectual peers. It's about learning all you can, because you love to learn. It's about taking everything you learn and using it to better the world. It's about cooperating so that everybody gets the most from their education, and so that diverse people and ideas can be brought together and percolate into fantastic ideas and inventions to make this world a better place to be.

I agree that MIT isn't here to coddle me or anyone else. If it was, I wouldn't want to go there. I want to be blasted with information, and go home with a headache from learning so much every single day. I want to finally struggle in a class, and feel rewarded for doing well in it - or, if not doing well, learning a TON. After all, in the end, school isn't about the grades, and I don't particularly care about them. What I care about is whether or not I come out knowing a lot more than I went in knowing, and if I tried my absolute best at everything I did, even if I failed at it.

Of course, that said, don't think I'm deferred because I can't handle the work. I fully believe I can. After all... I do OCW psets in my spare time for fun.

Now, I think I'm going to try and take smile's advice.

Posted by: Heather on December 17, 2011

"You probably aren't a good fit for MIT. We only accept those people who can handle MIT-level course work. We're informing you that you aren't up to the MIT standard so you have plenty of time to prepare your applications for other schools."-Samuel '13

This is just plain rude. When I first started calculus and was interested in seeing the general intensity of MIT's exams, I went on the MIT open course ware, took the first exam for single variable calculus 18.01 exam and scored a 100%. The test was easier than the tests in my calculus class. The first classical mechanics (8.01) was also not bad at all.

Posted by: Mason Williams on December 17, 2011

My first deferral from Caltech stunned me quite a bit, but then deferral from MIT just absolutely broke my heart T.T Reading some of these posts comfort me and encourage me to keep pushing on until midyear reports are due. Until then, I've got to continue working on more college applications because now I can't purely rely on getting in at my top two choices. Good luck to us all who were deferred! XD

We could use quite a bit of snow in Mississippi! Where are you from?

Posted by: Mikhail on December 17, 2011

@Aaron: I have a 2220 on my SAT, an 800 on math I and math II (submitted both but made them count math II as my math subject test), and a 790 on the physics subject test. I am in a good amount of extracurriculars, including Science Olympiad, Battle of the Books, and Business Professionals of America. I tutor students at my school just to help, since I'm great at math. I have a 4.31 GPA that will increase on January 3rd (when my school puts 1st semester grades on my transcript). This GPA also just so happens to be the highest there ever was in the history of my school. I took Calculus AB last year, but I took the BC test even though my school didn't offer the BC class, and I got a 5 on the test and the AB subtest. I was also the first in my school to ever do this, or anything near this (second place goes to a girl who took AB junior year and BC senior year). My essays were read and enjoyed by multiple people before I submitted them. With these stats, I was still deferred. The only two things that I can think of that brought my app down were the 660 critical reading score (English is my second language) and interview. The only time my interviewer could meet me was on a school day I had two tests on (during school hours) and I would have to get a ride to a city 50 miles away to do so, so we scheduled a phone interview. My interviewer had a heavy accent and was hard to understand over the phone. I didn't mess anything up with the interview despite these things, but the interview could have been better for sure, under better circumstances. Even with these two minor faults, I believe I should have been accepted. I'm starting to lose faith in the admissions processes of every major college/university.

Also, I strongly disagree with the arrogant person who said that those who were deferred could not handle the hard work. I dominate in every math and science class here. I'm sure I can at least pass classes from MIT, even if they are supposedly almost impossibly difficult.

Posted by: Daniel on December 17, 2011

I have to say, I'm not a fan of all the dejectedness and putdowns that seem to be floating around on here. Bear in mind that over 1000 of the EA applicants were flat out rejected. I will say I was more than a little upset at the extremely anticlimactic response I received, but, contrary to m_quinn there is still hope. And even if we don't get accepted we will find happiness elsewhere. This isn't the end of the world even though it seems like it.

And Samuel '13, it is a sorry sight to see a current student treat prospective students with such disdain. I do hope you'll do some thinking about the pretentious manner in which you seem to conduct yourself. It is quite unbecoming of a student at an institution whose main focus is making the world a better place to try and discourage those who share your goal.

Posted by: Matt M on December 17, 2011

Daniel, close to 70% of Calc BC takers get a score of 5. It's not an exceptional score. From your post you come across as someone who is overly focused on grades (read: things that don't matter.)

If you can demonstrate to the admissions committee that you're more than a machine that cranks out good marks, you might have a chance of getting selected during RA.

We're looking for people here at MIT that are comprised of more than one dimension.

Posted by: Samuel on December 17, 2011

I thought I had a shot.

Posted by: Brent on December 17, 2011

"I thought I had a shot."
Posted by: Brent on December 17, 2011

If you were deferred you still do.
A long shot? Yes. But it was a long shot to begin with.
Check out the admitted thread, and you'll see how surprised most of the admitted applicants were. It's always a long shot, but keep your chin up.

Posted by: Michael B, NJ on December 17, 2011

Samuel, would you mind sharing how YOU showed the admissions committee that you weren't just a try-hard/machine? Thank you.

Posted by: Daniel on December 17, 2011

To be honest, I'm not upset at all about being deferred. In terms of academics, I guess you could say okay?-- but the way I see it, high school life is high school-- take what you can and leave everything behind smile I spent this morning figuring out some songs and dancing around my room doing the vector dance xD I'm not going to hug myself and assume the best, but I'm not buckle down and assume Murphy's law to hold in all cases, either. Isn't it better, after all, to at least maintain a dynamic equilibrium? smile

Posted by: megutan on December 17, 2011

It's kind of cool to think that some of us will meet each other someday! Any mechanical engineers? Anyone working on anything cool?

Posted by: anonymous on December 17, 2011

Posted by: ian on December 17, 2011

@Samuel '13 When I visited MIT, they said that most applicants (those accepted as well as those deferred) have the credentials and accomplishments necessary to fit in at MIT, handle MIT's course work, and use an MIT education to better the international community. So far, you are only worsening the international community with your feelings of superiority. However, I do agree with you on one thing: Yes, clearly MIT does make admissions mistakes.

Posted by: Stepheie Hopkins on December 17, 2011

My scores are not the greatest (1920 SAT, 800 Math Level II, 780 Physics, 33 ACT), but I thought that these would be good enough for MIT. What I was really hoping that would get me admitted was what I have done outside of class. I have participated in several math and science activities, such as Science Bowl, Science Olympiad, and Mu Alpha Theta. I have placed well in many math and science competitions (1st place State Trigonometry, 2nd place Regional Science Bowl, 3rd place Regional Science Olympiad). I also play the violin, tennis, and more recently I have tried fencing. What I thought might have really stood out was that I took the opportunity to participate in research at a state university. I am currently working with a professor that is helping to design a collimator for the super high momentum spectrometer at the Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility in Virginia.

I have dreamed of working as a theoretical physicist or an astrophysicist since I have been little, and I get to work with one much sooner than I anticipated. If I had to guess a reason on why I might have been deferred, my guess would be because I didn't express enough emotion in my application and/or my interview. I participated in all of these activities not just to put them on my resume but because of the fact that I love and am passionate about all the things that I do!

I guess whether or not I will be accepted, I have accomplished something in life, but I was hoping that I could be a much greater help in the world if I could have the education provided at MIT.

Posted by: Mikhail on December 17, 2011

Thanks, Ian! :D

Yeah, I've commented on here already, but it's nice to commiserate a bit. But all hope is not yet lost ...

Posted by: Caroline on December 17, 2011

@ Anonymous - Yea I know, this doesn't help as a username

I'm working on a paper on using fractals in disaster prevention engineering.

Posted by: Edward on December 17, 2011

Hi everyone --
I don't want to intrude on what is mostly a healthy conversation, but I did want to note that the commenter posting as "Samuel '13" is not an MIT student. I'm sorry he portrayed himself that way.
-- Matt

Posted by: Matt McGann '00 on December 17, 2011

Dear Matt,

Thank you so much for the update. I was starting to worry about the type of students at MIT.

However, since I now know that the admissions officers are somewhat glancing at these threads and moderating them, I have 2 quick questions for them and my peers.

1) I have 730 on MathII and 710 on Physics. Re-take or not worth it?

2) Why MIT?

Personally, I love the people that go there and the less-pure, more help-people research they do.

Posted by: Edward on December 17, 2011

Thanks, Matt!

I have a question, too. When will the information and advice for deferred students be posted, do you know?

Again, thanks very much, Matt!

Posted by: Heather on December 17, 2011

I saw this coming from a mile away, but it still sort of sucks. I generally think regret is one of the most consuming and counterproductive emotions out there, but I can't help but look back and think, "What could I have done better?” Don't get me wrong, I'm totally happy to be deferred - it's an honor to know that one of the best universities in the world considered me thoroughly enough to not reject me outright.

Still, I can’t help but be disappointed. I’ve visited this website almost every day for the past four years. I spent three days on campus just immersing myself in its sights, its sounds, its people and its energy. Sort of strange to think that all of those hopes can be changed with something as cold, simple and impersonal as an online decision letter, but I digress. I know I have another shot in March, but it’s probably not a very good one.

To everyone that was accepted, I congratulate you – it’s definitely a huge achievement, and I know that you all deserve it. Hopefully I’ll see some of you in September, but it’s unlikely.

@Samuel: I agree with you that the admitted students are extremely bright, impressive individuals that are definitely capable of handling the work at MIT. However, I find it a bit appalling, but mostly just sad that you’re sitting around poking fun at stressed out high school seniors that didn’t get into the same college as you. I’m sure you’re correct that some of those that were deferred (myself possibly included) are applicants that are not as good a fit for MIT as those that were accepted. From my understanding though, being a good fit has little to do with your ability to handle the work, it’s mostly about matching MIT’s culture and community. I’m sure that many deferred applicants are capable of performing academically at MIT, and your comments demonstrate how little you know about your own school’s admissions process – the fact is that 1. Many applicants that are deferred and rejected can do the work 2. When there are just shy of 18,000 applications coming in for a freshman class of 1100 students, there are simply just not enough spots for every candidate that would be a great match for the Institute and 3. Academics, while a large part of the admissions process, AREN’T EVERYTHING – it’s about how you’ll make the campus a more vibrant, engaging and diverse learning environment. It seems that Chris, Matt and Ben have all said similar things in the past and I’m confident they would back me up here. You’re right to say that MIT shouldn’t accept applicants that aren’t academically qualified, but I think you’re wrong to insinuate that every applicant who wasn’t admitted early isn’t qualified. I’m not sure if you meant to come off as pretentious and condescending, but if you’d like to continue belittling deferred students who may be just as intelligent, talented, hard-working and creative as you are, be my guest. Just know that MIT, while a great school, is not the end-all-be-all of colleges, and it definitely seems to have gone to your head.

Posted by: Nolan Meghrouni-Brown on December 17, 2011


Forget it buddy, your done ...

Let me clear this up for the rest of you: It's not about merit - your grades, your recommendations, your SAT scores - rather it's about money and race. Time, and time again in this very forum, MIT admissions have admitted that their process is both unfair and discriminatory. Fact is: THEY DO NOT CARE ...


Posted by: m_quinn on December 17, 2011

Ok now I just feel like an idiot for feeding the troll. Perhaps deferral was the right decision after all...

Posted by: Nolan Meghrouni-Brown on December 17, 2011


You do not seem to have a rational or compassionate thought in your head...


Posted by: Mikhail on December 17, 2011

Matt, can you please block this troll off this thread?

Posted by: Anonymous on December 17, 2011

Hi all. I'm a '15, who was deferred last year. It sucked. I remember being very disappointed, especially because MIT was where I knew I wanted to go. I remember looking up all of the statistics about admission, and I realize that they made me feel a lot worse in retrospect.

I think sometime in the beginning of March I finally realized what my parents had been saying all along, that where you go to college doesn't matter as much as the opportunities you take advantage of when you are there. MIT is an awesome school, but I can honestly say that you probably won't even think "What if I had gone to school X?" after orientation week during your first year of college, no matter where you go. I do think that being admitted to college is based a (teeny, tiny) little bit on chance. But I also think that everyone ends up where they were meant to be, even if it is somewhere they didn't imagine at first.

Keep smiling! Senior year is a lot of fun, and there is so much to do before the end of the year. You guys are awesome, and I wish you all the best of luck!!

Posted by: chennah on December 17, 2011

For anyone who is worried by m_quinn or any other trolls:

I am not Asian and from a dirt-poor family, and was deferred when I applied EA. Now I'm on track to graduate from MIT in less than six months. You all still definitely have a chance smile

Posted by: Daniel '12 on December 17, 2011

m_quinn, if you know that you nor anybody else in this thread is going to get admitted, why are you still here?

Posted by: Edward on December 17, 2011

Thanks for those words of wisdom. I think we all know it's ultimately true, but it's really hard to see right now, especially when we all have been bitterly let down.
Out of curiosity though, where did you end up going? smile

Posted by: Deferee on December 17, 2011

Hey guys. I've been reading through some of this thread, and I have to admit it's a little depressing. But as a fellow deferree this year, I think we should all just take a step back and breathe. MIT has been my dream for a long time too, but I don't think any of us really know how the admissions officers choose which applicants are accepted and which ones aren't. Either way, I think everyone has a unique story, and we've all been given a second chance to voice it. So I guess I'll see everyone again in March, stressing all over again smile.

Posted by: Kev on December 17, 2011

Why does a "maybe" mess with my emotions more than a "no"? I suppose it's because I'm left dangling on the hook till MARCH (so far away....) without closure.
Also, now I have to actually write a couple of essays for other colleges...

Does anyone feel the same?

Posted by: Sarah Doggett on December 17, 2011

@Daniel '12: I am from a dirt poor family, my name is Daniel, I'm not Asian, and I was deferred. Hopefully I continue to follow in your footsteps. lol

Posted by: Daniel on December 17, 2011


I agree! :D

And m_quinn and Samuel'13 either angry about their own admission status or Caltech trolls?

Posted by: Kevin on December 17, 2011

...and so the statistically most probable result has occurred
expected exactly what I got

The Lord's will be done as I wait anxiously for pi day

Posted by: The Moderator on December 17, 2011

Hey guys, I was just deferred as well, but we're definitely not finished. People like m_quinn are just trying to bring you down and discourage everyone else who was deferred from continuing in order to increase their chances of being accepted. But you guys don't want to hear me tell you that you still have a chance: you want some hard numbers, so here they are:

Based on previous years, approximately 18,000 applicants will apply this year. With 6,000 students who applied early action, that means there will be approximately 12,000 new applicants in the regular decision process. MIT has stated that 70% of applicants are qualified academically, meaning 30% are not (equating to 5400 unqualified students) Assuming the 1500 rejected students were part of this unqualified group, 3900 of these regular decision applicants will be unqualified academically, leaving 8100 qualified regular decision applicants.

680 students were admitted early action, leaving approximately 1050 spots available for regular decision.

Based on last year's statistics, approximately 25% of students admitted during regular decision were deferred students, meaning 75% of the students admitted during RD were new applicants. Thus, approximately 263 students will be admitted from the deferred list and 787 from the new applicant pool. This creates a 7% acceptance rate for deferred EA applicants and a 9.7% acceptance rate for new applicants.

This may seem like a large difference to some of you, but there are certain factors I can't account for in this math such as the amount of regular decision applicants who are so exceptional they would have gotten in EA if they applied (this number would be subtracted from the 787 accepted students and the 8100 qualified regular applicants, notably reducing the acceptance rate of regular decision applicants who are qualified equally to the deferred students). Also, there are likely a few deferred students who, after begin deferred, stop the process, because they got in somewhere else or any number of other reasons, and thus they don't compete with us in regular decision (This number would be subtracted from the 3731 deferred students total, increasing acceptance rate for those students).

Since MIT has stated that they do not consider whether or not you applied EA in considering the RD pool, the acceptance rates are so close, and there are sources of error that, if accounted for, would make the rates even closer, every deferred student should be confident that you still have a chance (somewhere between 7 and 10 percent).

I know this is a hard time emotionally for all of us, but I hope you can all be consolidated by actual numbers showing that you have a very similar chance of getting in as every other qualified applicant in the regular decision pool.

Posted by: Patrick T on December 17, 2011

Quick question: The last sentence of the optional essay I wrote for my application was cut-off accidentally mid-sentence when I submitted the application. Can I attach the complete essay with/in my mid-year report for consideration?

Posted by: Matthew on December 17, 2011

Hey fellow deferred applicants!

Upon receiving this "polite rejection" I was extremely disappointed but I'm not going to let it get to me. Think of this three month wait as a reprieve. The holidays are right around the corner, so spend time with your family, burying your siblings in the snow (as I plan to), stuff yourself with holiday treats, build a time machine for all I care. We have all tried our best and have came a long way to get to where we are today. Be proud, have confidence in yourself- it's not entirely hopeless. Even if we are to be disappointed once again in March, there are many other great schools out there. It isn't the end of the world. I wish you all the best of luck. My fingers are crossed as well.

Oh and people, please refrain from posting your SAT ACT and GPA scores here. Truthfully, no one really cares. It's not all about the numbers.

Posted by: Jessica on December 17, 2011

I was deferred like all the rest of you guys. I don't that we should give up hope because they still admit a nice couple hundred in the RA rounds. It's NOT a polite rejection. We should be glad that MIT actually considered our apps enough to push us to the RA decisions. Good luck and I hope that these next three months won't be killer. Just continue doing well in classes, enjoy life, and don't stress!

Posted by: Taylor on December 17, 2011

Acceptance to MIT is not a validation of who you are, though it would have been nice. Maybe in the spring?

See you all again in 3-4 months.

Posted by: Ken L. on December 17, 2011

@chennah -- Thank you for your encouraging comments! :D I really hope to join you at MIT next fall, but if not, then I'll still be happy at the college I was meant to attend.

Posted by: Caroline on December 17, 2011

While not the best outcome, I can think of one thing a deferral has over an acceptance. MIT is giving us a chance to make ourselves a better person. Rather than take this as three months to just wait again for another letter, take this time to improve on yourself! If it is meant to be it will happen. Keep your heads up and keep on pushing! The next three months will be better if you think of it this way. WE CAN DO IT!

Posted by: Zachary on December 17, 2011

I'm not sure if anyone has any idea, but do you think getting an interview now would help?

Posted by: Stephanie on December 17, 2011

As "nice" as all these superficial encouragement posts are, do realize that the chances of you getting accepted as a deferred applicant are very small. With stats like

4042/6404 ~63% Deferred
232/4042 ~5.8% Deferred --> Accepted,

There's a 94+% chance you won't get in. That's reality.

Posted by: J. on December 17, 2011

Being deferred... how do I put this... SUCKS. These are going to be the longest months of my life waiting for round two.

Although most (if not all) of us are greatly disappointed on our non-accepted status at the moment, the truth is that HUNDREDS of us WILL be in the class of 2016 at MIT!

If you review the statistics from last year, 232 deferred applicants were admitted. This number is not supposed to scare us, wishing that we could be back in the regular pool as regular action applicants(never having applied EA). MIT's admissions staff has an extremely difficult job. They have to decide (by looking at pieces of paper) which of the thousands of amazing applicants actually get to attend.

As most people have already stated above, we are ALL qualified to be admitted to MIT, if you have not been rejected that means that they are still interested in you. MIT ACTUALLY KNOWS WHO YOU ARE AND WANTS YOU... just they need a little more time to see if they have room for you in their small class of a little over 1500.

Congrats to all who have not been denied. And to those who are reading this, I wish you the best of luck in Regular Action. SOME OF US WILL BE ACCEPTED... <- remember that. see you all next year... smile

Posted by: One of the Deferred... (Andrew) on December 17, 2011

I realize that we 3731 deferred applicants are all considered "good enough" for MIT, but if there are not 3731 admission offers left (i.e., because there are not 3731 admission offers left), why are so many still deferred. Inevitably there are some among us who are "at the bottom" relative to the rest of us. These people could not be admitted even if every RA admit were a deferred student. So why can't MIT tell them "We would let you in if we could, but we can't."? It seems unfair to them to give them false hope. (And if such a group cannot be distinguished, how much of this process is mere luck?)

Posted by: Mike on December 17, 2011

I am a '15 who was deferred last year and accepted regular decision! It does happen so hang in there! Even if you are ultimately rejected, I'm sure that if you were smart enough to get deferred you will kill it at some other great school. The happiest people don't have the best of everything. They just make the best of everything. Good luck everyone!

Posted by: Deferred FTW on December 17, 2011

Hello Friends. I know how you feel. I was nervous about my decision. I was deferred. I cried. I ate an entire box of clementines. I was even more nervous about my decision in March. I got in. Now I'm here. Deferred is *not* a polite rejection.

Hang in there. Keep doing your best. We know it's difficult. Stay happy.

Posted by: Lydia K. '14, MEng '16 on December 17, 2011

Hi all!

I just wanted to say good luck to everyone that's been deferred (like me). Stay positive and don't give up! No matter what the numbers say, we all still have a chance.

I was surprised that I wasn't just rejected. It was a pleasant surprise to see that I had been deferred.

Posted by: Em on December 17, 2011

This is a repost-

Are deferred applications re-summarized or are the same ones from EA used again during selection committee during RD?

and another question out of curiosity because I'm VERY CONFLICTED on how to feel-

If an applicant doesn't make the cut in EA (for admission) what is the purpose of deferring? Do you not expect to have just as exceptional candidates in RD as EA that those deferred might become the exceptional?

Posted by: Alpha Bet on December 17, 2011

Yeah, I was wondering about that too ^

Posted by: Anonymous on December 17, 2011

I don't think those of us who are deferred are 'ranked' or something. They've consistently said they're looking for the match, and diverse talents, and personalities that will bring something to MIT. Therefore, they have to see what personalities and talents they get in the RD pool before they can decide which of us they need. It's not that we're ranked and some of us are in the bottom. It's that they're not certain if they will need our particular combination of talents - I think. At least, that's my point of view, because you can't really rank people. Not like that.

Posted by: Heather on December 18, 2011

@Jessica - Academics do make up a huge part of the application. If we all posted our test scores and GPA's, we'd have a better idea of if we'll make the cut. Also, you say nobody cares, but three people have posted their scores/GPA. Thus, your statement is comparable, though less extreme, than those who say none of us will be accepted.

Posted by: Daniel on December 18, 2011

I'm proud of being a deferred, it's an accomplishment to me. Although I'm not quite in the cream of the crop, at least they have kept me in as an option.

That being said though, these next three months are going to be the longest.

Posted by: Michael on December 18, 2011

Having the opportunity to just apply to MIT is a blessing in itself. Even though I am still deferred, I am determined to work hard and make the most of my life. Class of 2012, we can do this.

Posted by: KP on December 18, 2011

i told myself i wouldn't be disappointed.......
but yet...

i am sooooooo disappointed.

Posted by: HS on December 18, 2011

I personally know a kid who had SAT 2400 and many national awards in Math and Sciences and still got deferred.

Posted by: Kln on December 18, 2011

I knew when I began my application that it would be a long shot. I'm a good student, and although I'm not particularly active when it comes to extracurriculars, I like to think that I'm not just a good grade machine like certain commentators have mentioned.

Yet, in a way, I would rather be told outright that I'm not getting in than be strung along for another three months. See, I know that being a part of MIT would be an amazing thing, and that the education quality would be light years beyond most American schools. But, unlike so many of my fellow defer-ees, MIT has not necessarily been a big dream of mine. It would be cool to go, but I won't throw myself into the Arkansas River if I don't get in.

My biggest problem with being "deferred," then, is the fact I can't make a decision until March. I'd like to keep all my options open until I know which schools will give me the best value for my money (read: will most help my working class family afford it all). Now I have to choose between a.) settling for a college of more dubious quality than MIT which has already guaranteed me a full or near-full ride, or b.) hold out on the slim chance that I'll not only get into MIT, but also get all my expenses covered somehow, and risk losing the already-guaranteed money at the other schools. Ahh, gotta love the American university system.

The ironic thing is that a friend of mine, with an almost identical academic background as mine (except some degree of skill in music), was also deferred in his application to Yale. The next day or two, he got a call from Dartmouth that guaranteed him $55k. Here's hoping that Harvard will do the same thing for me.

Posted by: Logan on December 18, 2011

I just wanted to say that it warms my heart so many people in here have taken this in stride and called out m_quinn for being the troll he is. Thank you so much and I wish you all the best of luck.

Posted by: Chris Peterson SM '13 on December 18, 2011

Yay, thanks Chris! smile
(Even though I'm not an EA-deferred applicant. I can still hang out here, right? raspberry)

Posted by: Mustard Stalebread on December 18, 2011

isawyou (dot) mit (dot) edu has *much* worse trolling than m_quinn.
After that, I'm surprised there is so much decency on this thread.

Posted by: Bryan on December 18, 2011

At first I was just kind of stunned by the decision, though I accepted it long before I gor the actual decision. I guess intuition does work after all. I know this goes directly against what my info session presenter said, but I've found myself falling in love with MIT. The atmosphere, the people, the culture, even the forums all seem like home. I guess I should try to withdraw and stay away from Cambridge, but I can't. MIT is a wonderful brilliant place, but the sad fact is we can't all be there, as much as we wish. We can try justifying this by saying MIT is evil or prejudiced or stupid but it isn't, nor are we inadequate fools.

There is some quote out there that goes something like "greatness isn't a trait, it's a mindset" well that's true. We just will have to see how we do in RD. I hope I'm among those that make it, but honestly I know I won't be. I'll try my hardest to improve and get in, but not necessarily to get in. I'll try because it will make me stronger and better, and I sincerely think that's what we all should do. Give it your all and if you fail than you know you tried your hardest.

I wish you all luck. For some of us MIT is just a dream. Make the most of it, be great, and accomplish what others can only dream of. Make a difference, earn your place at MIT.

Posted by: Alexander Ouellet on December 18, 2011

That is all. Thank you.

But really, this is super exciting no-matter what the statistics are. Either way, I wouldn't have let MIT reject me, so I'm glad there is no conflict thus far. I hope to submit another teacher recommendation since my best one (at least what I think is my best one without having read any of them) has not yet been considered. I am also really excited because January is when everything gets hectic for me, and Holiday break is a good chance for me to get ahead on all my work and relax some! I've wanted to go to MIT since I was eight years old, so this morning was literally one of the most exciting moments of my life. It seems as though MIT likes me. Do you think this harsh mistress will go on a second date with me if I ask politely enough and perform amazingly first semester? If not, I know I'll do exceedingly well no-matter where I go. Right before I checked my MIT decision today, I discharged a patient with a son who went to Cal Poly SLO - a state regional school - for undergrad and masters, and now works at NASA as an aeronautical engineer. That fortified my thoughts and would have helped me greatly if I was rejected.

Posted by: Eric Buck on December 18, 2011

Let m_quinn and Samuel '13 troll if they want. If we get in, that's the surest proof they're wrong.

Posted by: Dave on December 18, 2011

Dont worry, you guys will make it XP

Posted by: Aaron Tang on December 18, 2011

All of you have said it so's nice to know we still have a chance, however strong/little it is! It definitely hurts to not be admitted into your ultimate dreams, but everything will probably turn out for the best, right? I was entirely consumed with MIT and completely forgot that I applied to Caltech... and when I found out I got into Caltech, it was a huge and pleasant surprise, but I was still keeping my fingers crossed for MIT... now I know that I have a good backup, but still, it isn't *the* dream. After endlessly comparing ourselves to others on college confidential, and whatnot, it is upsetting. I think we just need to remember that people with great attitudes and work to back them up will succeed anywhere, and more importantly, be happy, which is the goal of getting a wonderful education from a place like MIT! Even though many of us feel shattered, think of the work you put in these last years- you can achieve anything when you believe it, and there are many ways to do it- MIT is not the only way to change the world, even though we want it to be our way. Be strong my friends, we shall overcome! And there is still hope, I hope! smile

Posted by: Rose on December 18, 2011

Guys. The thing that's so special about MIT is that it's a place of people who become things. They don't become things because they were born with a natural affinity for everything. If you tell someone in any track that they can't do something, they will come back, day after day until they make it happen. Fact is, you didn't get admitted on your first try. And you want to tell me that you've never fallen short before? It's not about falling short, it's about getting up tall. You will always be that amazing, fabulous successful person that is you. No one is going to change that, unless you let them. And don't! If you've done your best on this application, you have to let it go. And quite frankly, that's all you can do right now. You can change the world, for the better. Or, you can let some admissions officer you've never met change the world for you. Become something, or let someone else make you. Your choice.

p.s. After you finish the last of your applications, do something utterly awesome. Build a quinzhee or a fusor. You know you want to.

Posted by: RileyD on December 18, 2011

Follow up to my first post: even if I don't get in as an undergraduate, my family has suggested that I go to MIT as a grad student. Hopefully in four years' time my curriculum vitae will be a bit more robust and I'll get in without all the stress that accompanies undergrad applications.

This applies to all of you too! Even if you aren't accepted/choose to go somewhere else, there's always the option of coming back and trying again in four years. Don't lose hope.

Posted by: Logan on December 18, 2011

I'm not jumping for joy at my deferral, but I'm certainly a little bit pleased. Even though I know that I have a statistically low chance of being accepted, I still like to think about it like this:
1) I have a lot of respect for MIT and its decisions.
2) I trust that MIT has very highly-qualified admissions officers who know what they're doing.
3) Multiple MIT admissions officers looked at my application and thought "This girl seems like she might belong at MIT, but I need to know more about her to make the decision." Some may even have voted for me to get accepted!
4) I am pleased to have a second chance to tell admissions why I believe I would be an asset to MIT and society in general. Even if I don't get in, it's good experience for the future.
5) I'm in very good company with my fellow deferees. Many have done phenomenal things already and many will go on to do phenomenal things and I'm proud to be a part of this group.

I don't know about others, but I'm proud to have make it even this far!

Posted by: Amelia B. on December 18, 2011

@Amelia B.

I'm right there with you... I have come to realize that being deferred means that they think that there is potential in an applicant, not that they don't really want you...

Posted by: Andrew on December 18, 2011

After looking at these posts, I feel more now that deferred mean more "we would like you, but there aren't enough spots" more than a polite rejection.

Posted by: Edward on December 18, 2011

^ lol by that definition, it is sort of like a polite rejection though.

Posted by: Anonymous on December 18, 2011

@Edward, I think it's more a "We like you. We think you can handle the load. But you haven't shown us why you're awesome." And I know I'm going to take this opportunity to show MIT how awesome I really am. I've been deferred, and I probably shouldn't be too happy about it, but I'm excited. I feel like I've been challenged to make myself an undeniable application in the next round, and I love a challenge. So thank you MIT. Thanks for the challenge. You should know: I never turn down a challenge. smile

Posted by: Anish Tondwalkar on December 18, 2011

Thank you to the deferred MIT students above. I'm wondering if you guys sent anything additional after having been deferred? What did you guys send to MIT to make your application stronger, or did you let it sit as it was?

Posted by: Anonymous35 on December 18, 2011

@Anish Tondwalkar

deferred is MIT's way of telling you to get lost. Take it from me: don't waste another moment on MIT. MIT is back on the old Ivy League "wink and nod" admission system and there nothing you can do to help yourself. Find a college that still values fairness.


Posted by: m_quinn on December 18, 2011

Hey, I was just wondering if we Early Action deffered kids were allowed to take the SAT's in January and submit those scores. I really hope so, 'cuz I am not going down without a fight! raspberry
(P.S. Best of luck to Everyone and Happy Holidays!)

Posted by: Anthony on December 18, 2011

I was actually really excited to get deferred. They took a look at the app and didn't throw it out or laugh at it too much. I know a Siemens semi-finalists with straight A's and great co-curriculars who got rejected. If I had to get deferred from anywhere, I'm glad it's MIT. Sure, I would have been insanely happy to have been admitted, but they're giving me a second shot, and I'm going to make it count. We’re deferred, not deleted. I completely agree with @Amelia B.

Posted by: Rachel Davis on December 18, 2011

It's not the end of the world, but damn. Yes we have a chance of getting in RA, but I don't think it's even worth worrying about. Maybe the problem with admissions is inherent in the process itself, but right now MIT embodies it. Whether valid or not, I think a lot of us feel that our hard work was wasted (or at least unappreciated) to some extent. Humans are good at making the best out of a situation, but that doesn't mean everything happens for a reason.

Posted by: Meh on December 18, 2011

@Meh Don't worry and don't be bitter. Even if you don't get in, it's 4 years of your 100. And yours are just one of 7 billion. And we can't be so arrogant as to think that this one planet is the only one with life like ours. And if we loosely interpret the Many Worlds Interpretation (though I'm partial to the shut-up-and-calculate Copenhagen) there's a countably infinite number of worlds where Meh _does_ get into MIT. And I personally believe that this universe is just a simulation running in a bigger one... (Why else the symmetries?)

My point is: We're too insignificant for worry. Don't. Instead, find something you love and study it. Myself, I love the bury myself in the hedonistic study of physics now, and revel in its symmetry (By Feynman, the symmetry!). Ever solved Poisson's equation in a bunch of different coordinate systems? Ever find the metric tensor on a stapler? Ever set up 10 servers in a night?

If not, you haven't really lived!

Accept or deny, don't let it get to your head! And don't worry about where you get in --- leave that to the admissions office. As long as you stay interested in your science, your engineering, your technology, you'll be happy, you'll be productive, and you'll fine. A happy, productive and fine speck in all of Feynman. Isn't that all we want to be?

And even if you are still bitter, remember, living well is the best way to get revenge. ;P

And this is as much for me as it is for you. I'm guilty of being disappointed at many things from time to time. Congress's (mis)understanding of the internet, and the whole deal with SOPA. Sometimes I see our world turning from the Huxleyian uptopia to the Orwellian dystopia. Look at the sad, sad state of AMD drives on Linux, due to those NDAs it makes with Micro$oft about Hollywood. But we should be better than to worry about that. Nietzsche's Übermensch sure would. And, by Feynman, I really hope I come back here and read this in three months (if I don't get in).

Posted by: Anish Tondwalkar on December 19, 2011

@Anish Tondwalkar

When did we start using Feynman as an oath, and why wasn't I informed?

Posted by: Grant on December 19, 2011

Well, I'll be honest: for a while these past two weeks I thought I'd get rejected. So I suppose this decision went better than expected...
Yay for exceeding expectations?

Posted by: Piyush on December 19, 2011

Hey guys, calm down a little. It's sad we got deferred, but what can we do? The MIT admissions office is gonna spend their time re-reading our applications, so be a little grateful, at least. It's hard to deal with, but just go and have fun with your friends, listen to some music, whatever you like do to, do it!
To all those who were deferred and go/went to MIT, I really appreciate the comments, they made me feel a lot better.
Well, I really hope I get into MIT, and Im sure most of you do too, so good luck to everyone come pie day!
Happy holidays everyone!

Posted by: Jordi Turner on December 19, 2011


You sound like you really deserved to get in, sorry man.

lol I like how you use Feynman in place of God! but it does imply a dangerous parallel between science and religion ;P I won't be bitter for long, and I agree that on the whole we are insignificant, but like in any system, it can be validly approached from any point of reference. I choose my own (and the human POR in general). I'm not taking this pseudo-rejection as a personal insult, but there were just so many reasons for me to go to MIT. Now I'll probably be on the opposite coast of some great friends, a close cousin, and a great city :(

On a slightly separate note, I wouldn't be as disappointed if I was simply outclassed by the applicants who got in, but many don't seem very deserving, and that really grinds my gears.

Posted by: Meh on December 19, 2011

from a 2390 -deferred this year-it's not your scores

Posted by: JHan on December 19, 2011

Being deferred means that you still have hope. Fight until the end. If you guys aren't picked, and you've tried your best, its the institutes lost, and not yours.

Posted by: Languagehacking on December 19, 2011

No, it's not our scores. And don't try to pull the admitted students down by saying that it doesn't look like they were very deserving. We don't know anything about them, and anyway, it's not our place to judge. Even if we know their scores and such, that doesn't tell us what their essays were like, or all of the extracurriculars that were put down, or what their letters of recommendation said about them.

We all have another shot, and some of us will be picked. Does this hurt? Yes. Should this slow us down? No. We are all amazing, incredible, brilliant people with infinite potential. We just have to pick ourselves up and keep going.

Posted by: Heather on December 19, 2011

Such conflicting feelings...disappointed of course...shed a few tears...yet...
feeling kind of great at the same time....ahhh...still hopeful smile
Congrats to those admitted and best of luck to the rest of us!!!

Thank you for creating these threads smile

Posted by: Karen on December 19, 2011

@Heather : That is the right attitude. There is no point is trying to talk down those that were accepted in EA nor be depressed that you were deferred. All one could do is to try one's best.

@ m_quinn and @Samuel '13(the MIT imposter). Compassion and truth will always prevail over hatred and lies. Let go of your hatred. It must not be a pretty sight to see yourself in the mirror each day consumed by so much of it.

Happy holidays everyone.

Posted by: :) on December 19, 2011

Well! I guess there's RD.. I reallly was optimistic- you know.. being a transsexual stock car driver from small town Kentucky and all- I guess I should have put a little more effort into it.

Anywho! College transcripts, AP Scores and an extra refferal from my academic team coach away! Dear Lord please push my application into that accepted pile. Not only is it the best tech school in the country, but all of the effort they put into TG equality is just... amazing.

The worst part is having to go through and write exactly one billion applications for all of the other top tier schools- all in an effort that I can maybe get into at least one. Also, that $6-700 for applications and transcripts and test scores is going to really hurt.

Posted by: Kay on December 19, 2011

Actually... how do I go about changing my application? I really do need to attach my URL somewhere on my application

Posted by: Kay on December 19, 2011

This thread actually helps out. And even the trolls help out too. I know that as a deferred student I still have a chance. And so do all of you. People that tell you to give up don't achieve anything important by the end of their lives. Keep getting good grades, keep helping others, and above all, be yourself. MIT chooses those based on character and not numbers. That's why we've been deferred. They simply couldn't deny us because they saw something unique in all of us.

Also, don't get depressed if MIT denies you in the end. Being deferred means you ALMOST have what it takes, and something can tip the balance. But other colleges will accept you. If you almost made it into MIT, you will probably be admitted to the number 4 or 5 in the country. Take it from me: I was accepted into Georgia Tech, a very good school. Granted, I would have a heart-attack if MIT accepted me, but in the event they don't, THAT'S OK. Many doors can open through other universities, not just at MIT. I wish you all the best of luck. Enjoy the holidays!

P.S. @m_quinn for goodness sake get lost. You expressed your opinion (which you have the right to do) and we (the community in this thread) prefer you not to post anymore.

Posted by: Karim on December 19, 2011

If you saw my previous comment, here is a perfect way to say what I meant (from an MIT blog):

The best we can do is try to build a perfect class. Not the perfect class, but a perfect class. As Andrew mentioned in a different thread, we could build 2, maybe even 3 perfect classes out of our applicant pool, without question. If you've been deferred, there is nothing I can say here to make this fact easier to digest. But trying to pin it on anything else - race, gender, whatever - is just deluding yourself. So please stop harassing Matt; you're not going to get the answer you're looking for. I wish we could just give you a perfect black-and-white response, but the real world is never that simple. If you take nothing else from this post, just know that getting deferred is not a personal reflection on you. At all. Accepted, deferred, or otherwise - you are all amazing people. As I said previously, you'll make the world better whether you come to MIT or not. I know it's not a consolation, but it's still the truth.

Posted by: Karim on December 19, 2011

@m_quinn It'd be funny if MIT Admissions actually read the responses and denied any hope of you getting in just because you're an embarrassment. Good luck in the admissions process baby smile

Posted by: Kevin Murphy on December 19, 2011

@Kevin Murphy

Sadly, I have just as good a chance of RD admission as any of you ... I'm not wasting one more moment on applying to MIT nor should you!


Posted by: m_quinn on December 19, 2011

@m_quinn not much more to do anyways raspberry a horrid waitin game :/

Posted by: Kevin Murphy on December 19, 2011

Being deferred certainly wasn't my desired outcome, but we still have a chance. Good luck to everyone!

Posted by: S.Byrons on December 19, 2011

m_quinn's just looking for attention; official campaign to ignore him starts now. Trolling is only humorous if he gets a reaction.

Good luck, everyone! We've got one more shot. =)

Posted by: Nikhil Benesch on December 19, 2011

@Nikhil Benesch

why don't you review that Einstein thing about repeating things with no change in outcome ...


Posted by: m_quinn on December 19, 2011

Suppose m_quinn is really some person associated with MIT and part of the test is to determine the proper course of action in dealing with him/her?
If so, do I get in now?

But seriously, I do appreciate this thread, and I am slowly realizing how many incredible students out there also didn't make it in first round. I am honored to join your ranks as a deferral, and I know that our futures are pretty bright, whether they involve MIT or not.

Posted by: Adrian on December 19, 2011

Hello, thread. Here's just a little piece of powerful hope I found from someone who was accepted EA:

"My GPA (3.3) wasn't that good, I wasn't in the the top ten of my class. My SAT is 2080 which is below average for MIT, and I didn't take all of AP classes possible. However, I did very well in math, my passion. I scored 780 in SAT math and took all ap math classes and did research. I also played soccer passionately (almost went pro). I think it;'s important to be very well rounded, MIT is not a geek school, as most people think, but a well rounded school with very passionate and hard working people." --geracam10

So, there you have it: The key is passion (and, consequently, hard work to catalyze that passion.) Not "finding" your passion, but having something that you are *extremely* passionate about to the point where you can push yourself to really extraordinary heights... and then pushing yourself to those heights.

Good luck, everyone! smile

Posted by: Mustard Stalebread on December 19, 2011

@Mustard Stalebread

hey Mustard: how much $$ did your daddy have to pay your app writer??


Posted by: m_quinn on December 19, 2011

I had the same dream too!

Anyone doubting themselves- deferred is not denied. Everyone here, except a certain someone, must be truly talented to have impressed MIT enough to not throw out their application. Even if it's not a great chance, at least we still have one.

Good luck :D

Posted by: Courtney on December 19, 2011


None, actually. I was rejected last year! I applied incorrectly -- my application was centered [too much] around the fact that I liked the Amiga demoscene of the '80s and how much I admired the math and creativity behind it (and how I wanted to do that stuff myself.) I "kind of forgot" to show all my other passions and what I've done/built myself. Plus, I "tried to be an MIT student" instead of being myself.

It was a great learning experience, though! Now I don't really let applications to anything (programs, teams, etc.) faze me.

(Oh, also: I still hang around here just because the applicants every year are "my kind of people". Enthusiastic about the things they do, not "just another student", and so on. Besides, every so often the blog posts here are pretty insightful! smile )

Posted by: Mustard Stalebread on December 19, 2011

Being deferred is not fun

Posted by: Mason Williams on December 19, 2011

I still cannot give up my love for MIT. MIT's too nasty! <3

Posted by: Hanbin Cho on December 19, 2011

Wow, Mustard Stalebread's post describing, with astonishing detail, why his/her application failed last year is a real eye opener. I mean, such detail about why an application fails could only come from feedback from the admission committee itself. Now, I didn't receive any feedback at all, and I'm wondering: has anyone posting to this thread received such feedback about their application??? Where/how did you get this feedback??


Posted by: m_quinn on December 19, 2011

@ Habin Cho
Yeah, I am not giving up on my love for MIT either raspberry But now this means that I have to get used to the idea of loving other schools :S I have applied to a large array of schools, but I still to desire to attend MIT the most!

Posted by: Mason Williams on December 19, 2011


I didn't get feedback from them. I just kept reading the admissions blogs for weeks after I sent in my application (I wish I had found out about the blogs sooner), read a *lot* of older posts, checked out some of the websites run by the bloggers themselves (and some commenters too!) and... tada! I finally figured it out.

Besides, after the pressure of admissions wore off, it was also easier for me to look back and see what I did and how I could have made it better.


Posted by: Mustard Stalebread on December 19, 2011

Thank you for the glimmer of hope Mustard Stalebread smile out of curiousity are you applying as a transfer student?

Posted by: Stephanie on December 19, 2011


I agree completely, Hanbin!

Posted by: Heather on December 19, 2011

Hey, does anybody know if we can send one or two extra letters of recommendation still with our mid year report? Also, would retaking any of the subject tests help, or at this point is it kind of a moot point? I'm sure all our grades are good enough to get this far, so I doubt it would help...

Posted by: Ryan on December 19, 2011


You're welcome, I'm glad I could be of help in a time of stress!

As for transferring: so far, I don't think I will. For me, it's a cost issue. (I won't be able to pay for it even if I do get accepted -- complicated family finance stuff.)

I mean, I like the university I'm currently attending. Sure, it's kind of like a crystal: depending on the angle from which you're looking at it, my school can either be bland, or change your point of view, and it could be a dazzling place.

I miiiight end up changing my mind, though. Who knows? I still have a semester or two to go (only one semester completed so far with pretty good grades grin ) before I'm eligible to apply as a transfer student... smile

Posted by: Mustard Stalebread on December 19, 2011

Thank you so much to everyone who's posted on this thread. It's given me a whole new perspective on what being deferred means. Seeing all the optimism here makes me proud to be part of this community, whether we're accepted in March or not.

Posted by: Annie on December 19, 2011

I had a dream a few days ago that I would be admitted to MIT.

Oh well, as long as I have my techno playlist I will be alright.

Posted by: Kevin on December 20, 2011

Dear m_quinn,

I realize that I am only 17 years old, and thus naive, but I would like to say this. I do not know what your life is like. Throughout my senior year, I have been learning more than just the subjects of school. I am learning just how ignorant and young I am. I do not know the life circumstances that you are facing, but I want you to know that I care. And so does God. I do not want to fix you. That is not my job. I only wish to tell you that you matter. You are important. MIT is a college. Yes, it is a very prestigious college, but that is all it is. The end of your life is not here. Personal success does not define the value of an individual. You matter because God made you. I say this even though I am just some other kid on an MIT forum. I am not saying that I know better than you, because I don't. I only wish to say what I have learned and want to pass on to you.



Posted by: Cedar on December 20, 2011

Guy, you're leaving nice comments and all, but seriously, just ignore that quinn dude. If what he says doesn't matter, then why do you guys seem to care so much. Treat his comments for what they are: useless garbage that needs no attention. sheesh.

Posted by: Anonymous on December 20, 2011

History is filled with lessons in the improbable and insane.
Crazy dreams denounced as impossible.
In light of this, it is the greatest capacity of the human spirit to retain hope.
Persistence in our dreams against the certainty of failure has brought about numerous results.
Certainly, the world has seen its share of failures.
It is just certain, however, that the intangible has been made real
and the insurmountable not only challenged,
but defeated.

Personally, I am crestfallen by my continued wait.
Accustomed to success, I can only see this as failure.
Even as I know this, there is a dark corner of my mind,
where light yet remains.
I call it hope, aspiration, faith, a fool's fancy.
It is the sound of a future at MIT
It is the wonder I feel in an imaged acceptance.
It is the place where my mind retreats and paradise takes hold.

Hope holds an eternal place in the human spirit.
Look to it for solace should you falter in resolve.
Good luck to all of you.
May we all meet in Massachusetts

Posted by: Andre Sotolongo on December 20, 2011


I'm just giving you the benefits of my own experience. You guys are all smart otherwise you wouldn't have applied EA. So why are a bunch of smart guys re-trying an application process when 1) they haven't the foggiest idea of why their application was rejected in the first place and 2) the chances of being admitted are next to 0 ( zero )?


Caltech, Princeton will still like you for your merit, and, although you may not get accepted there , rest assured, you will not be cheated.


Posted by: m_quinn on December 20, 2011

Tis the season to be jolly..

Posted by: Mason Williams on December 20, 2011

hey dudes,

i was deferred four years ago on december 15th. then i got in four years ago on march 15th.

yeah, they tacked three months on to the waiting. whatever. you guys are seniors. go act like it. do something silly.

there are tons of students on campus who were deferred early action. the usual protocol, when you meet someone else who was deferred, is to give them a "deferred high five". i don't know what all this nonsense is about deferred students never getting in. it's funny though, i'll give you that.

getting deferred can be a pretty strange experience. this is the first evaluation you've received of whether or not you did high school "the right way". it came back inconclusive. that's a weird sensation.

but would you have wanted it to come back positive on the first shot? succeed right away? do you really want to be that guy? ask yourself that honestly.

your lives just got a little bit more real. wrap your head around that, and then go back to hanging out with your buddies. they'll probably tell you that this isn't worth thinking about too much. they're right.


Posted by: Danny '12 on December 20, 2011

@ m_quinn

"Caltech, Princeton will still like you for your merit, and, although you may not get accepted there , rest assured, you will not be cheated."

1) What does that statement even mean?
2) How has MIT in any way cheated us?
3) Please don't mention CalTech on an MIT thread :b

Posted by: Edward on December 20, 2011

Hey everyone,
So deferral. It's not the outcome all of us wanted. Mostly for me, I was disappointed that I wasn't done with college apps like all of my friends who got into their respective ED choices. Because, like most of you, MIT is my first choice, so getting in EA would have meant abandoning all my other apps and accepting my offer of admission. That being said, there are some good things we can take away from this decision. First, for me, and I'm sure many of you too, this means I have to send out all of my other apps, which gives me more options to consider in March. Secondly, this gives me time to take a second look at all my schools between January and March so I will be ready to make a decision come April. Hope this provides an optimistic perspective on deferral.
Keep you heads up! MIT will come through.


Posted by: Prashant Ramesh on December 20, 2011

Honestly this is the best outcome I could have hoped for....
Thank you MIT for giving me a chance
Can't wait to hear back in March... and hear who all got in

If you really are a strong candidate, I'm sure you will be getting in
and if you aren't-- miracles happen sometimes

Posted by: Vinnie on December 20, 2011

Best of luck to all the deferred candidates. Friends be positive and take it as another chance. You all worth to get admitted to MIT and thats why you all are deferred not rejected. Hope all your dreams come true.

Posted by: TChowdhury on December 20, 2011

Sorry guys. I have been having family issues. Then results came out. I guess the bad news just added to each other.



Posted by: m_quinn on December 20, 2011

I have a feeling that m_quinn has just become an alias for anyone to use to troll the MIT blogs. Some of the posts seem to be unrelated to others or written in different voices.

Posted by: Mason Williams on December 20, 2011

lol i saw posts by "m_quinn" on blogs from like 5 years ago.

Posted by: Anonymous on December 20, 2011

I just assumed m_quinn was a play on words from the late 1960's song the Mighty Quinn by the Manfred Mann Band...

Posted by: Pete '79 on December 20, 2011

Oh my god, can I just say, you guys are all freaking out for no reason.. "worse day of my life" "why don't they just reject me now..." "no chance in RD" wow.. pretty pathetic. Maybe with that attitude, you shouldn't be accepted!!

I was deferred from EA, and accepted, paid my dues for 4 years, and have been out for for 8 years. It's not the end of the world if you don't get in, just go somewhere else.

Posted by: Lily on December 20, 2011

Pete, I guess you're right. We haven't seen anything like m_quinn.
(Heh heh. raspberry )

Posted by: Mustard Stalebread on December 20, 2011

Best of luck in the regular application to all those in this thread who were deferred, which is obviously the majority. I didn't apply EA, but will be sending in my application for RA in the coming days (with full expectation of rejection. Prepare for the worst, hope for the best?)

One of the things that I see in a lot of the comments is "I scored x on my SATs, 800 on Math II and x science course. My GPA is a 4.xx and I'm in the top x% of my class and I was still deferred". Truthfully, I think these people are doing it wrong- from what I've seen from the blogs of current students and the admissions people, scores mean relatively close to nothing after being a screening to be sure you're qualified. Real passion, drive, motivation, etc. from my point of view hold way more potential for getting you in than getting a 2400 SAT.

Again, good luck if your hopes are still high for admissions in the regular section. Just remember numbers aren't everything!

Posted by: Ben Goodberry on December 20, 2011

@Lily, you're clearly lying. MIT doesn't accept anyone RD who was deferred early action... seriously, stop giving these kids hope.

Posted by: m_quinn on December 20, 2011

Please ignore me for the bitter person I am. I just can't accept the fact that I'm not good enough so I have to take it out on MIT. Dumb me.

Posted by: m_quinn on December 20, 2011


Deferred: 4042
Total considered during RA: 15547
Percent deferred: 25.999%

Deferred accepted: 232
Total accepted during RA: 943
Percent deferred accepted: 24.602%

Last time I posted this, I may have been unclear as to what I was trying to point out. This time, however, I will clarify why there is essentially no difference between us and those that apply regular.

The statistics (from the MIT admissions statistics page) all point to confirm that we are in fact taken entirely as a new applicant and not just someone that failed the first time through. Out of the total considered during the regular round, us deferred account for 26%, and, out of those that were accepted during the regular round, we account for 24.6%. Just through a simple glance, you should realize that we are weighed the same as those that apply regular. In fact, when everyone refers to the
"~5.8%", they fail to realize that this same percentage also applies to regular applicants.


Regular action applicants: 11505
Total considered during RA: 15547
Total accepted during RA: 943
Deferred accepted: 232
Regular applicants accepted: 711
Percent of regular applicants accepted: 6.18%

While I do realize that is is less than the "Percent Admitted 9.7%", why should we give up hope? We still have the same exact chance as whoever applies afterwords. Just calm down and realize that pessimism only serves to annoy and incite panic. Apply to all the other colleges that you want, but DO NOT forget that you still have a chance at MIT, your (hopefully) dream school.

-Bohr Hew

Posted by: Bohr Hew on December 20, 2011

You guys are super worried. Look, some people get in after being deferred, and some don't. I was deferred, and then I was accepted. I know several people who were deferred. There's no way to tell who's who, and nobody cares.

I didn't include any new letters of rec in my midyear report - just reported on my midyear activities. I didn't do anything additional in the time between the report and the deferral decision, besides taking the AMC like I planned to anyway. (Not that it went well, I was never good at that).

Stop stressing, apply to some other colleges, and chill. I normally wouldn't reply to this kind of thing but you guys need to relax and enjoy your break, and hopefully not die while finishing up your other applications.

Posted by: Deferred 2014 on December 21, 2011

We made the first cut! Super excited to see what happens in March!

Posted by: David on December 21, 2011

@Deferred 2014 - Thank you. I think everyone on here loves it when current students who were deferred come on here to give encouragement. If I get accepted, I'll definitely remember to do the same.
@David -- YEAH! That's the spirit!

Posted by: Caroline on December 21, 2011

Here's a link to College Board's "What to do if you're wait listed. Boot your chances of getting in."
It seems much of the advice would apply to deferred students.
Good luck!
Remember, over 200 of you WILL get in.

Posted by: valart on December 21, 2011

I never fully understood the concept of limbo until now!

But that's okay I'm still remaining optimistic! If we don't have hope, what else do we have? I'm sure everyone did their absolute best on these applications, and I hope we can be at peace knowing that. You've tired you hardest and fought the good fight. If it doesn't work out after that, then it wasn't meant to be, and even if you can't see it now you'll end up in a better place, for you.

So anyways good luck and I hope to meet you guys some day!

For you Harry Potter fans:
"m_quinn! In the dungeons! ... thought you ought to know. (faints)

Posted by: Charlie on December 21, 2011

Goodbye MIT. Hello Coulmbia!!

Posted by: Amar Dhingra on December 21, 2011

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