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A Delicious Pie

A recipe for releasing decisions by A Delicious Pie

our LARGEST pi(e) day celebration yet...


We decided to bake this enormous pie to remind you that MIT Regular Action decisions will be available online next week, on Thursday, March 14 at 6:28 PM Eastern Time.

Next week, when decisions are made available, you will need to access and log in using the same username and password that you use to sign into your MyMIT account. There will be no interim screens, so you should be sure you are ready to receive your decision before signing in to

In order to verify that you will receive a decision on the 14th, you should visit and log in with your MyMIT username and password. We recommend you do this now to make sure everything works for you. Strange things happen to people who don’t verify they will receive their decision!

If you’ve forgotten your MyMIT username and/or password, you may use our automated system to reset it. Visit MyMIT and click on the forgotten username or password links beneath the login box on the left.

Admissions decisions will be available exclusively online. Decisions will not be released via email, snail mail, carrier pigeon, carrier dragon, or intergalactic radio broadcast. However, following the release of admissions decisions, we will be mailing admitted students additional, cylindrical information.