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MIT staff blogger Chris Peterson SM '13

Ask Me Anything by Chris Peterson SM '13

or discuss anything. or whatever really. what i'm trying to say is: open thread.

This summer I wrote a bloggerGuilt script to help me keep track of posting patterns on the blogs. But when I ran it earlier this morning, I realized that I was in the lower half of the distribution of blogs by various metrics, meaning I myself had been a bad blogger.

I’ll spare you the various excuses and instead try to make it up to you. I’m sitting at home in New Hampshire on my couch in the sun, alternately working on neglected projects and napping while my mom watches old movies and unpacks Christmas decorations. Tomorrow I’m moving, and then we’re starting to meet in Early Action committee, so I’ll be reading applications instead of comments.

But for the next ~12 hours or so I will try to answer any question you ask below, about admissions or anything else really. You can also consider it an open thread to post interesting things you’ve recently learned, read, or watched. It’s a holiday weekend, and I think most of our American readers will probably be lazing around digesting like me. So let’s all hang out.