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MIT staff blogger Chris Peterson SM '13

Blogger Application 2012! by Chris Peterson SM '13

how is blog formed

It's summer in Cambridge, which means three things:

1) It's warm! I spent last week on vacation on a lake with my family, where I practiced wakesurfing and (poorly) performed in a triathlon.

2) Sports! As you may know, I'm a football fanatic, and since there is no lockout this summer, there's lots of Pats chat to catch up on. As for the Celtics…well…

I'll miss you, Ray.  

and last, but definitely not least,

3) Blogger Application 2012

Be a blogger! As usual, we will primarily be looking for incoming freshman; however, we have a few upperclassmen spots that are open for the fall, and if you feel you can make a compelling case for your inclusion among them, please feel free to send an application.

Our bloggers are expected to:

  • Update their blogs at least once every week or two
  • Possess the excellent judgment, narrative poise, and communicative capacity to routinely and regularly address tens of thousands of prospective MIT students and millions of other people around the world, and
  • Be comfortable with, or willing to learn, basic blogging skills, and including multimedia like videos and images into your posts to make them interesting.

To be considered for a blogger position, you must email it to me (chris dot peterson at mit dot edu) by July 22nd

Your application must include the following:

Blogging/Writing Experience

We are looking for people who can communicate in a compelling fashion to our large and active community, and your portfolio will demonstrate your (in)ability to do this.

Send us some of your writing. It could be a link to (or select entries from) a blog or tumblr which you have kept. It could be a few articles or a editorials. It could be a few interesting stories that you write, on the spot, in addition to your required questions below. While we often find that people in the habit of blogging make the easiest transition to blogging for us, we are primarily interested in people who can tell stories well, and who will do so frequently. If writing is a chore, so will blogging be; if writing is something you find yourself doing for fun anyway, then you will enjoy blogging. 


  • City, state, class year, dorm, and course (either that you are in now, for our upperclassmen, or you think you'd like to pursue). 
  • Tell us something you do for fun.  
  • Tell us about something you hope to learn to do for fun. 
  • Tell us something interesting about where you live. 

Quick-Answer (30 words or less)

  • Little Known Fact About You
  • Little Known Fact About Anything You Care to Share

Short-Answer (250 words or les)

  • Describe why you want to be an admissions blogger and what unique things you feel you'll contribute to the program. You may (and should) discuss the life experiences or aspirations that will contribute to your interesting perspective, as well as any other creative skills that you can bring to bear to make your posts compelling for our readers.
  • Tell me a story. 


  • Make something(s). Send us pictures/video.

If you have any questions, feel free to comment below!