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MIT staff blogger Chris Peterson SM '13

Blogger Application 2013! by Chris Peterson SM '13

this is how i do this

It's summer in Cambridge, which means three things:

1) I remember that I need to hire new bloggers

2) I frantically Google for the old application posts to remember how to hire bloggers

3) oh right this is how I hire bloggers


Be a blogger! As usual, we will primarily be looking for incoming freshman; however, we have a few upperclassmen spots that are open for the fall, and if you feel you can make a compelling case for your inclusion among them, please feel free to submit an application. 

Blogger Portfolio

Our bloggers are expected to blog. However, the definition of "blogging" has expanded over the last decade, both within and without our office, from an heritage monoculture of long form essays to a heterogenous blooming of writing, cartoons, GIFs, and everything else. Ultimately people consume the blogs because they want to experience MIT through the creative expressions of bloggers. That's the job.

Send us something which will make us think you can do this job, do it regularly, and do it well.


  • City, State
  • Class Year
  • Dorm (current or anticipated)
  • Course (current or anticipated)
  • Why you're coming to MIT

Short Answer (250 words or less)

  • Why do you want to be an admissions blogger?
  • Lumberjacks. Go. 


Make something. Show us what you made.

Applications must be submitted to chris [dot] peterson [at] mit [dot] edu by August 2nd.

Good luck!