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dumb little poems and such by Anika H. '26

emotional support procrastination

pretend my midterm doesn’t exist

my midterm will disappear
if i pretend it doesn’t exist
if i set down my pen
maybe go firespin
it will vanish from my todo-list

i’m getting tired of fourier transforms
these batteries are short-circuiting my brain
If i really forget
one more f*cking pset
the whole world will hear me complain

i haven’t reviewed this material enough
i can’t wait for the semester to end
this course is too damn rigrous
i hope the exam curve is generous
i know i can’t keep playing pretend

avoiding my midterm, drawn on grapgh paper


fight me

if my past self could talk to me

We thrash in the mud
so concerned about right and wrong
The giver of permission, fragmented by time
Lashes out at its own decisions

Stand up and look me in the eyes
Tell me what you truly believe
Yell so I can hear your words
Because the echoes murmur louder

Get up and fight me
Are you afraid of your own past?
It stands catatonic, unable to die,
So wake me up and free me

Face me and show me fears
Wasted, without sacrifice
I lay to rest your diligence
Look how far you’ve fallen

You, a victim of time and circumstance
I, a player in a perfect tragedy
Vibrant prose dances sentences
And dulls an unending chapter

You cry
for you’ve kept your eyelids open for too long
looking for the light
at the end of the tunnel


water you doing with your life

how dare i whine
that i am hosed
when I came this far to drink?
how dare I complain about thirst
when a sea of knowledge
sits right in front of me?
i am bored
i am chewing on a mat,
staring at the sky
in fury
wanting to do everything
and nothing
all at once.



I’m supposed to be studying for a midterm right now lol