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MIT student blogger Anna H. '14

E-mails in French House by Anna H. '14

"Seriously, people, what's going on here?"

To understand most of the e-mails sent to the French House mailing list, there are three things you need to know:
1) Right outside our kitchen, there is a “sacrificial table” – “sac tab” for short. Any item placed on the sac tab is automatically up for grabs. This is usually food, but in the past I have acquired both a pair of jeans and a Snuggie — you never know what you’ll find!
2) When you bake something for the house, you have to send an e-mail letting everyone know, to give residents an equal chance of partaking before it runs out.
3) When you send an e-mail, you’re encouraged to write the body in both English and French.
Now, you are equipped to understand the flurry of e-mails I have received over the past four days. They provide excellent insight into life here.
Pan dulce on the sactab!
11:01am, Nov 3
I made some pan dulce for you all to enjoy. They’re Mexican breakfast pastries with chocolate and egg strusel fillings. Come get them fresh out of the oven!
10:35pm, Nov 3
Bonjour mes amies,
Biscuits sur le sactab.
Hello friends,
Cookies on the sacrificial table.
RE: Shortbread!
10:43pm, Nov 3
Why are you so perfect? How will I function post-MIT without your delicious foods #chefoftheyear
cinnamon pancakes with cream cheese glaze on sactab
11:23pm, Nov 3
Pain au canelle
2:13am, Nov 4
Il y a une baguette de pain au canelle dans le frigo de boissons.
(There’s a loaf of cinnamon bread in the frigo de boissons)
Il y a des petits pains de canneles sur le sactab
12:32am, Nov 4
Cinnamon rolls!
RE: Il y a des petits pains de canneles sur le sactab
12:40am, Nov 4
Seriously people, what’s going on up there???
scones sur le sactab
10:08pm, Nov 4
pretzels on sactab
10:56pm, Nov 5
salted and parmesan flavors
I made Oreos. :)
8:46pm, Nov 5
Sur le sactab.
You guys.
11:35am, Nov 7