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Exam Cram by Anika H. '26

a comic in which my friend tries to save me from chem

I get confused about chem and drag my friend over to help me with itAnd like so, I kidnapped arthur to help me not die on the 3.091 exam. He tried very hard to explain stuff. "When an electron drops to a lower energy level, it releases energy and becomes less excited than it was before. Now imagine the electron is a baby, and you drop the baby from the 5th floor," he explains. "If you drop it from the 6th floor to the 4th floor, it will release less energy than if it drops to the 2nd floor. Why drop a child from a building and not release a rollercoaster you say? Because a building has floors, and energy is quantized."


3.091 (Solid-State Chemistry) class has a weekly meme contest. Because I’m a try hard and didn’t know how to make proper memes, I drew a comic. The topic was on orbitals and hybridization. I really like it, so I’m going to spew it here onto the internet.

Orbitals don't appear difficult until hybridization comes along