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MIT staff blogger Chris Peterson SM '13

Fall 2014 Wait List Decisions Will Be Sent Today by Chris Peterson SM '13

It’s been nearly two weeks since the May 1 reply deadline, and we know many of you have been awaiting news about our wait list.

tldr: every year we hope to take students from our waitlist, and we are excited that we are able to admit 28 students this year.

Today, at 5PM Eastern Time, we will email all students on our wait list their admission decision, and you should receive it shortly thereafter, depending on how things go with the FCC. At that point, we will consider our wait list “closed” and will not be admitting any additional students for the Class of 2018, not even a Targaryen dragonlord.

We have seen all the wonderful updates that many of you have submitted, and appreciate the time and effort you have put in to letting us know how much you love MIT. We know you will have incredibly bright futures and great college experiences, and wish you all the very best at whatever college you choose.

Last week I mentioned I had been a transfer student. Well, I also was a wait list student, so I’ve been there too. Those of you among the 28 are about to have to make another decision, but hopefully it’s a welcome problem to have. For those of you who are not, I hope the decision is also welcome, and that you will bring your full focus to bear on completely crushing whatever college you attend next year, or whatever else you choose to do with your bad self. I know it will be great.