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MIT staff blogger Chris Peterson SM '13

I am an MIT Admissions Officer, AMA by Chris Peterson SM '13

you know the drill

It’s the middle of July, and my brain is so fried I’m punting on a few projects, so figured I’d make myself useful and answer some questions on a Friday afternoon.

Ben used to do these big roundup “answers to your questions” posts, where he would just harvest questions from the comments and answer them in the blogs. That was pre-Disqus, and I think Disqus handles that kind of conversation pretty well now, so we can just do that.

There are 154 people reading the blogs at this very moment, according to Google Analytics, but no one is commenting, so here’s a place to do that. Go ahead and ask me anything, about admissions or whatever else, or just talk amongst yourselves in the open thread below. I’ve got to drive up to a meeting in a few hours, and I’ve got a sprint triathlon this weekend, so I might not always respond immediately, but I’ll pop in and out as I can to answer whatever gets posted.