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iap: this year vs. last by Ankita D. '23

it’s IAP! I don’t have classes! I can end my day at 5 pm like I could during the summer!!



last IAP, I was dancing and choreographing 4-5 hours a day for the entire month in preparation for Mocha Show, my dance team’s annual performance. I’d go to class from 10 am to 1 pm, go back to my dorm for a couple of hours, and then spend my night running between dance studios on campus. I’d get back to the dorm at 10 or 11 each night, which was annoying since I wanted to hang out with my friends, but everything was worth it; Mocha Show was one of the most incredible experiences of my life and I cannot WAIT for the next one.


so much mocha!

this year, the show obviously isn’t happening, but I’m still planning on dancing a lot. I enrolled in an online class taught by one of my favorite choreographers, so I’m going to get a lot of the technical training that I never received before MIT. I’m also attending Mocha’s four alum Zoom workshops so I can get practice with choreography retention.

mocha show

mocha show 2k20



last IAP, I tried to UROP but applied for a random one that I didn’t like very much, so I dropped it in the second week and didn’t even log a single hour. oops! this year, I’m doing data analytics for an MIT startup01 i got matched with them called a portal called Innovation One and also UROPing with the team I’ve been working with since summer. things have definitely gotten better since last year lol



last year, I took 17.567,02 Israel: Culture & Identity a class that was required for MISTI Israel. never got to go though!!! haha :)))) this year, I’m not taking any classes since I need a break after the atrocity that was sophomore fall…



I took Yoga last year so I could get closer to knocking out the PE requirement. it was a fun and relaxing class—I would definitely recommend it! I didn’t want to take a PE class virtually because, uh, I’d end up not moving at all, so I held off on doing any this year. this IAP, to be better at being healthy than I did last semester, I’m getting my steps in…! walking around Cambridge, even when it’s bitterly cold and dark outside, is wonderful. I also plan on running…eventually…



did I even have time to chill last IAP? I’m not entirely sure…I feel like I spent most of my time running around juggling dance and other responsibilities, and only returning to my dorm to hang out with friends late at night. I didn’t really do any things by myself in my free time. this year, I’ve been watching and rewatching Attack on Titan,03 talk to me about this show i am OBSESSED reading, playing video games ( Final Fantasy 704 trying to see what nisha's hype is about lol and Twilight Princess), and painting/drawing with these new Muji brush pens I got for Christmas. it’s lovely



another thing I spent a lot of time on last IAP was working on two mega posts about Burton Third, my living community, as well as dance at mit. these two projects consumed quite a bit of my time since I had to send a lot of emails to alumni and organize meetings with other students. I’m a bit sad that I don’t have any ideas for mega posts this year since writing is fun and writing about meaningful parts of the MIT community is even better


exploring Cambridge/Boston

aside from one Boston date last IAP, I don’t think I even left campus…I attribute this to my unwillingness to go explore my surroundings when I had 50+ friends right in my dorm. the good thing about quarantine is that it makes me much more willing to explore Cambridge and Boston; we’re only a week into IAP and I’ve walked around parts of Cambridge I’ve never heard of before. Boston is cool, but Cambridge has a completely different aesthetic that I’m excited to see more of in my remaining half a year living here.


yesterday, my roommates and I commented at multiple points throughout the day that there were intense “IAP vibes” all around. this was said because we did minimal work throughout the week, started hanging out at 5 pm instead of at 11 pm as we do during the semester, and seemed much more relaxed in general. we also spent our Saturday checking out a record store, walking around Cambridge, and painting obscenities on two inspirational posters one of us had gotten for Christmas. there’s a very distinct feeling of it being IAP, indeed.

so…things are different, but not necessarily worse. I’m happy and feel like I’m making the most of my current circumstances…that’s all I need, right? :)

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