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MIT student blogger Kevin S. '19

Itinerary: IAP 2017 by Kevin S. '19

4 weeks in a suitcase and carry on

2016 -> 2017

On Tuesday the 3rd, I packed up what was left of 2016 into several boxes. I left it all behind in Boston as I embarked on my first trip of 2017, bringing along one suitcase and carry on. It was all that I could — and wanted — to manage on an eventful month-long excursion around the country.

I carried with me, too, my New Year’s resolution(s).

My one goal for 2017? To get back on a normal sleep schedule. “Normal,” meaning not going to bed at 3am and waking up just in time for lunch. Still a work in progress — I’ll keep you guys updated.



On Wednesday the 4th, after my last practice on home ice at the Skating Club of Boston, I left for Oxford, Ohio, for the 2017 John and Nellie Wooden Institute at Miami University. For four days, two of my fellow fraternity brothers and I joined Betas from other chapters across the U.S. and immersed ourselves in the fundamentals of principled leadership and reflected upon the heritage and ritual of Beta Theta Pi. We immediately bonded with one another and engaged in deep discussions on a variety of fraternity, and non-Greek-life, topics. It was one of the most impactful experiences of my life, a testament to our shared values and principles that we seek to live by as Betas.



On Sunday the 8th, I flew into NYC and settled down in an apartment in Manhattan with three of my friends from MIT also externing in the city for the month. I’ll be working on the iOS Team at — perhaps I’ll get some more efficient travel bookings while I’m at it?



On Friday the 13th, I flew back once again to Ohio, this time to Cincinnati for the Miller Nichols Chapter Presidents Leadership Academy. For three days, I joined Beta Chapter Presidents from all around the US and Canada, 136 of them. We immediately engaged in leadership training and officer planning, learning from one another how to become more effective and principled leaders. I’m pumped to bring back what I’ve learned and the ideas we shared and developed back to my home chapter.



On Sunday the 15th, I flew back to NYC to continue my externship. Monday, I had the day off, so I trekked over to Hakensack, New Jersey to log in some more training.



Right now, on Wednesday the 18th, I await my flight to Kansas City, MO, for the 2017 US Figure Skating Championships. I’ve been training hard in the wee hours before my 1.8-mile commute to the office, and I’m really excited!



On Sunday the 22nd, I’ll be flying back to NYC to finish the last two weeks of my externship. I’ll have my one and only weekend in the city on the 29th. Some of my friends from MIT will be stopping by to visit, so I’m hoping to make the most out of my time there.



On Friday the February 3rd, I’ll be taking the train back to Boston immediately after work, just in time to compete in the 2017 MIT Intercollegiate Competition in solo and team events. It’ll be the first time I’ve competed for MIT — Go Engineers!



On Wednesday, February 8th, I’ll start my first day of classes of spring semester. Back to campus, back to the grind, back to my trusty mattress topper — Oh, how I’ve missed thee!

And more importantly, back to having more space than a suitcase and carry on.





Keep Calm, and Carry On.