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MIT staff blogger Chris Peterson SM '13

Listen to Admissions: the creative process for Pi day videos by Chris Peterson SM '13

The blogs have been quiet lately. Summer is ending, freshman are arriving on campus, upperclassmen are returning to campus, admissions officers are preparing for the admissions cycle (sort of like preparing for hibernation, but for being buried in applications instead of snow).

So here is some #Content for you: last November, Loren S. ’17 and I were interviewed by the Video4Colleges podcast about the drone delivery video from Pi Day 2015. Loren and I collaborated, with Elizabeth, on that video (and this past spring’s droid delivery video, and also the Tim Beaver epic splits video), and the V4C folks wanted to know more about the creative production process for these weird videos we make that aren’t at all standard fare for the industry.

I already posted some of the cinematographic behind the scenes for the drone delivery video, but this interview delves a little bit more deeply into how we came up with that concept, the philosophy and strategy behind how we communicate to prospective students (i.e., you), the ideation/iteration process for these videos and other creative projects, how Loren and I started working together (and how we work with the rest of the communications team here), and so on. Hopefully it will be an interesting little window into the somewhat-peculiar-but-hopefully-entertaining stuff we make for you.