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MIT student blogger Shuli J. '22

Meet the baby bloggers! by Shuli J. '22, MEng '23

you have to read that to the tune of meet the flintstones

Hi everyone! It is that time again, the time of my annual01 okay, so, this is only the second time. but it's been a year okay excitement: I get to introduce you to this year’s crop of baby bloggers. To hire them, we read our way through 67 excellent applications, spent several hours arguing about how great they all were, and finally settled on this wonderful group of people. And now you, like us, get to laugh, cry, and lose your dang mind over their amazing blogs.

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headshots of our six lovely baby bloggers!

Please give a warm welcome to:

  • Alice L. ’24 of California, who definitely has not drunk cell media don’t worry, but has vlogged from her lab floor (no word as of yet on if she’ll do it again)
  • Ana R. S. ’22 of California (and a lot of other places), who also shares her gloriously cursed thoughts with the Tech and has all the Kant opinions you could want
  • Audrey C. ’24 of California, who helped make last year’s Pi Day video, is the queen of computer science pickup lines, and makes really heckin beautiful art
  • Ella T. ’25 of Tennessee, who can tell you everything you need to know about rock tumbling, has defrosted milk in a shower, and needs you to know, she’s on TikTok but only Alt TikTok, she’s not a loser
  • Jenny B. ’25 of Alabama, who can draw HORSES (!), but prefers to ride a bike, and is dating Harry Styles
  • Vincent H. ’23 of Texas, who went to Project School to learn how to make projects, enjoys shouting people’s last names at them, and has lived in Alaska (perhaps metaphorically and literally as far away as you can get from Texas?)

Their first posts will be coming soon, and I promise, you should be very excited!

And of course, I want to thank everyone who submitted an application this year — we are honoured that you shared your life and your writing with us.

  1. okay, so, this is only the second time. but it's been a year okay back to text