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MIT student blogger Shuli J. '22

meet the baby bloggers! by Shuli J. '22, MEng '23

(some of whom are older than me)

Hi everybody!! As the first week of class winds down, it is my greatest pleasure to introduce to you, in my role as blogger captain,01 this basically means it is my job to be enthusiastic and helpful at everyone and occasionally remember a deadline our newest group of bloggers. This year, 6902 nice people completed applications (and 60 people started an app, but decided not to submit to the mortifying ordeal of being known). There were many excellent applicants — in fact, we think it took us longer than it ever has before to make our decisions. But the six bloggers we eventually picked are going to be so good, so so good, and I am very excited for you to get to read their stories.

amber avatar
waly avatar
paolo avatar
mel avatar
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headshots of our six baby bloggers

Please welcome:

  • Amber V. ’24 of Arizona, who was named after the stop codon in DNA (!!!!), writes novels and has published short stories, and spent her gap year backpacking around Europe (and milking goats!)
  • Waly N. ’24 of New York, and yes it’s pronounced like Wall-E, our new resident memelord, who much to Petey’s chagrin loves to binge-watch Avatar: The Last Airbender
  • Paolo A. ’21 of Nevada, isn’t that the guy with the scooter, who can teach you the secrets of making those dotted lines on chalkboards and knows Many Things about economics and education
  • Mel N. ’24, of Iowa & Minnesota, who was born in CANADA which is exciting perhaps only to me, sits on a hoard of unused pretty notebooks (let’s be real, who can’t relate), and loves Studio Ghibli, Chinese webnovels, and exclamation points !!!
  • Masha G. ’24, of New York, who is on language number 5, best friends with a milk frother, and carries three separate notebooks everywhere she goes
  • Alan Z. ’23, of South Dakota, who knows exactly how many students from South Dakota go to MIT, will break out into a song from a musical at the slightest provocation, and owns some of the weirdest mailing list names you’ve ever seen

They’ll be sharing their first posts with you in the near future, so get hype! I know I am :D

(I also want to thank, very much so, everyone who sent in an application this year. I’m very grateful that you shared your work with us, and I’m also excited to see what each one of you does and creates in the future. <3)

  1. this basically means it is my job to be enthusiastic and helpful at everyone and occasionally remember a deadline back to text
  2. nice back to text