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Learn more about how MIT Admissions is responding to COVID-19 in this blog post from our Dean and new dedicated FAQs.

MIT staff blogger Chris Peterson SM '13

MIT EA Decisions To Be Posted Saturday, 12/13/14, at 15:16 ET by Chris Peterson SM '13

I've put down my burrito long enough to tell you, as the title says, we will be releasing Early Action decisions online next Saturday, 12/13/14, at 15:16 (3:16PM) ET.

To check your decision on the 13th, visit and log in with your MyMIT username and password.  

In order to verify that you will receive a decision on the 13th, you should visit and log in with your MyMIT username and password. I recommend you do this now. Strange things happen to people who don't verify they will receive their decision! 

If you've forgotten your MyMIT password, you may use our automated system to reset it. Simply visit MyMIT and click on the lost password link. There is a similar link for forgotten usernames. If you're having trouble using our automated username/password recovery process, please email mymitpassword [at] mit [dot] edu with your full name and mailing address. But please, be nice to our office, and don't email that link unless you've tried everything else! 

Admissions decisions will be available exclusively online. Decisions will not be released via email, snail mail, carrier pigeon, carrier dragon, or intergalactic radio broadcast. However, following the release of admissions decisions, we will be mailing admitted students additional, cylindrical information. 

Remember to prepare yourself, because as soon as you log in, your decision will…awaken.