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MIT staff blogger Chris Peterson SM '13

My Talk @ Maker Faire by Chris Peterson SM '13

a bit about how we see, select, and support makers

We’ve had makers on the mind here for a little while. Earlier this month Ceri blogged about the MIT Maker Faire. Earlier this year Dawn and I wrote a white paper for the White House about technically creative students at MIT, and next week she and I will be presenting about our Maker Portfolio at a small conference in California.

Last year, before we launched the Maker Portfolio, Dawn gave a talk at Maker Faire Bay Area about how technically creative students ought to pitch their projects to colleges. Last month, after our first year of having a Maker Portfolio, I gave a talk at World Maker Faire New York about how we admit and empower these kinds of students at MIT. The good folks over at Maker Media just posted the video, so I thought I’d share it here.



Hopefully that sheds some interesting light on what we’re trying to do with our portfolios. If you have any questions about the maker portfolio, let me know below!