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MIT blogger Ankita D. '23

thing that have changed by Ankita D. '23

not my class year...pls god i want to be a freshman forever

last year, things were so different. i was an ordinary freshman who lived in a dorm, participated in lots of student activites, and went to physical classes. now, i’m living in a house with some friends, taking classes virtually and doing pretty much nothing else. it’s weird.

here’s what has changed, besides the things that are glaringly obvious…

  • i’m more organized — i’ve been taking notes on my beautiful new iPad and using Notion to track all my class assignments. i feel very on top of things. last year, i’d forget about nearly every prepset for 8.01,01 physics 1 so i feel much better now
  • i’m more independent — i have my own personal space, both emotionally and physically, as opposed to last year. i look forward to cooking for myself every day instead of stressing out about it like i did last year. i’m happy doing things both on my own and with others, and don’t have anxieties about not making the best use of my time anymore.
  • time management comes easier — i was worried about what my work ethic would be like after, erm, PNR for two semesters, but i’m doing great; i work hard for long stretches of time and put things down when i’ve had enough. this tuesday, every person in my house started partying at 10 pm for some reason, and i stopped working on my pset to join them even though it seemed like a pretty bad idea. but i don’t regret it since i’d gotten a lot done during the day and had worked the entire long weekend. last year, i felt guilty every time i made decisions like this, so i’m glad i can be more present now
  • i have more time — i’m not running from activity to class to activity anymore—i’m just in my room all the time, so it’s easy to get things done as soon as a class/meeting ends instead of having to find food and then walk across campus for a place to work. i both miss and don’t miss having to walk places.
  • i’m more willing to collaborate on work — last year, i mostly psetted alone; i was too used to working alone in high school and felt that i wouldn’t learn anything if i had to rely on others. that was dumb. if you can do something in 15 hours on your own and in 10 with a friend, and you get the same amount of learning out of both options, it’s so much more efficient to work with a friend…
  • my classes are much harder — but also much more fun! i’m loving them so far. i missed taking math classes, and my coding class is super enjoyable. each assignment is like a puzzle and solving it is the highlight of my week.
  • i’m a soPhoMOre — now, i’m on the other side of recruitment. I’M the one holding interviews and auditions for clubs, I’M the one planning community placement and seeing it through…it’s unfamiliar. i was always the youngest person in my high school classes since i was a #tryhardoverachiever who took as many AP classes as i could, and i also was the youngest person in my group whenever i traveled abroad. being qualified to be a friendly upperclassman who bestows guidance upon the froshlings is very strange indeed.
  • i don’t have roommates — i miss them. one of them is living next door (i haven’t been able to see her yet because my house is quarantining) but the other one is at home and i miss her a lot. having a single is nice, really nice, but i loved being able to come home to two of my closest friends, to collapse on the massive beanbag in the middle of our triple with them and rant about our classes and various responsibilities…
  • i have more responsibilities — SO many more. it’s nice, though. i like keeping busy, and being in meetings from 9 am to ~6 pm every day is only exhausting sometimes. (actually, no, that’s a lie)

am i happier? not sure. i can’t see as many people or do as many things as i’d like to, given current circumstances, but i’m definitely vibing. i miss being able to dance on my team and exist in a campus space with hundreds of cool people, but living in a house with six of my closest friends is pretty freaking dope as well.

things are good. different, but good. i reject any notion of me being a sophomore, but i’m embracing the opportunities it brings me.

it’s going to be a good semester, i think

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