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MIT staff blogger Chris Peterson SM '13

Tim Is So Beautiful by Chris Peterson SM '13

to me

Earlier this month we launched one of our new admissions videos called MIT Imagination.

A lot of work went into that video. Elizabeth and I began writing the script in July 2011. We started filming in September. We recorded the music in March. We premiered in in April. That’s nine months. That’s like a human baby. And like a human baby, this big, drooly, adorable video is something that we love and are very proud of.

The credits in the video say simply “created with love by many people at MIT.” And, as the full credits in the post show, it was indeed many people.

But there’s one person I’d like to thank specifically.

Michael Rodrigo is an MIT senior. He worked in the same office as me for a summer or two. We played rock band in 10-100 together (enough to get rock band taken away).

But Rodrigo is also something even more awesome: he’s Tim. Or at least one of the rotating cast of characters who played Tim.

Now as you know, Tim was featured extensively in MIT Imagination. And that means Rodrigo was featured extensively, even if you didn’t see his face. But he spent hours and hours in that suit, in broiling September humidity, taking a lot of lumps as we had him try to do sillier and sillier things in a big, bulky beaver suit.

So this video is for you, Rodrigo. A highlight reel of your finest moments in MIT Imagination, as a big fat thanks for being the best Tim we could ask for.