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MIT staff blogger Chris Peterson SM '13

Watch Ceri on SciShow! by Chris Peterson SM '13


Longtime readers (i.e., those of you who didn’t first tune into the blogs around the time the application went up) may recall Ceri, our prolific blogger/vlogger who graduated in June with a double-major in 7A/CMS and now writes for SciShow.

Mostly Ceri works behind the scenes, writing and editing science content for the show, but a few days ago she went in front of the camera to nerd-fight SciShow creator Hank Green as part of a science quiz series. I watched it and found equal parts educational and adorkable so I thought I would post it here too as a little window into (her) life after MIT.

Fun fact: Ceri doesn’t know I’m posting this! At least she won’t until it’s up. So, hi Ceri!! I’m proud of you!!!!