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why i didn’t post over the summer (oops) by Anika H. '26

late comic about my summer

i had a haystack urop over the summer hung around radio society a lot and could not understand what was going on in my urop radio society field day. people though we were ghost hunters, i crashed on a skateboard, oliver got water dumped on him, and we made a bunch of contacts. i cut my hair, flew to socal, and hung out with michelle for a week we visited caltech, went to a comedy club, saw michelle perform flying trapeze. i went to norcal to visit my family and my two siblings.  people flew over for open sauce, we visited the exploratorium and then went sailing on sf bay. everyone learned how to steer the sailboat, johnhenry took a nap in 10 foot waves, i got my pants wet from being stupid at the front of the boat, and then watched a movie we waited in a ridiculously long line for open sauce but the projects we saw were worth it. i also saw a giant inflatable amogus with a nice ass i watched many of my favorite internet people talk, went on a large ship for lunch, picked locks, and rex started. i helped built fort and wao, and then got hosed