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“That, of course, is the impractical, long way around. We have learned to take short cuts wherever possible.”

“Sort of like in math?” Meg asked.

“Like in math.” Mrs. Whatsit looked over at Mrs. Who.

“Take your skirt and show them.”

La experiencia es la madre de la ciencia. Spanish, my dears. Cervantes. Experience is the mother of knowledge.” Mrs. Who took a portion of her white robe in her hands and held it tight.

“You see,” Mrs. Whatsit said, “if a very small insect were to move from the section of skirt in Mrs. Who’s right hand to that in her left, it would be quite a long walk for him if he had to walk straight across.”

ant on a string not tessering

Swiftly Mrs. Who brought her hands, still holding the skirt, together.

ant tessering

“Now, you see,” Mrs. Whatsit said, “he would be there, without that long trip. That is how we travel.” 01 Madeleine L'Engle, <i>A Wrinkle In Time</i>.


  1. Madeleine L'Engle, A Wrinkle In Time. back to text