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What kind of things can I do during IAP?

If you think MIT is all work and no play, let us take you for a spin in the big, wacky, comfortable chair called IAP. Sandwiched between the spring and fall semesters, the Independent Activities Period is a special four-week term at MIT that fills the month of January.

For more than 35 years, IAP has given MIT students, faculty, and staff a unique opportunity to organize, sponsor and participate in a wide variety of personal and intellectual adventures beyond their academic routine. IAP activities may take almost any form, from how-to sessions, forums, lecture series and films, to tours, recitals, and contests. Here’s a few of last year’s offerings:

  • Autonomous Aerial Sensing Platform
  • Beekeeping 101
  • Design and Build Your Own Custom Skateboard
  • Japanese Tea Ceremony : Experience the Way of Tea
  • MIT Mystery Hunt
  • Ballroom Dancing

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