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How do I sign up for an info session and/or campus tour?

We look forward to showing you what makes MIT so special! We offer in-person and virtual info sessions and tours each week. Head over to our Visit page to sign up! Please note that reservations are required and all campus visitors must be vaccinated and submit a health attestation 12 hours before visiting. Should you arrive without a reservation for a session, we will not be able to accommodate you. We are also not currently able to accommodate large groups.

But don’t feel like you have to travel to Cambridge to get a feel for MIT! There are many ways to enjoy our campus from the comfort of your own couch/chair/bed/hammock/etc! Register for an online info session, experience your own virtual-MIT-choose-your-own-adventure, check out our virtual visit map, and even explore the student-created version of MIT in Minecraft!

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