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Do students apply to a specific major?

Here’s one less thing to worry about when applying to MIT: Students apply to MIT for general admission and select a major at the end of the first year with the help of their first-year advisor.

Our application asks students to list their “course of interest” only, and the choice doesn’t have any impact on admission decisions. In fact, a large percentage of students at MIT end up majoring in something other than what they listed as their field of interest as applicants.

MIT is organized into academic departments, or courses, which are often referred to by their course number or acronym.

MIT’s majors and minors are listed on our site. And the Registrar’s Office has more details on majors and minors.

And we know you want to ask…. but MIT doesn’t allow triple majors anymore. You can spend your extra time getting your Pirate Certificate instead! (Just search for “pirate” above.)

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