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I’m a non-traditional applicant. How do I apply?

There are many applicants to MIT from many types of backgrounds, and while we consider them all in their context, we need to know some common information about them.

So, even though you’ve been away from high school for awhile, we would expect to see the results of your standardized tests, transcript, evaluations from teachers, and other supportive materials that would assist us in getting to know you. Obviously, the greater the distance from your high school studies, the more creative you’ll have to be in submitting evaluations and supportive documentation.

We recommend that non-traditional applicants take some college courses at a community college or in a non-degree program prior to applying to brush up on their classroom experience and get some fresh teacher evaluations. Evaluations/recommendations from your employers, mentors and training situations can provide useful information, especially if teacher evaluations are difficult to obtain. The decision about what letters of support to send for review is left up to the individual non-traditional applicant to suit their unique circumstances.

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