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What tests do I have to take?

Please visit our Tests & scores page for more complete details.

All applicants must meet the same testing requirements. You may not substitute other exams (such as IB, A Levels, IELTS, etc.) for the testing requirements. Students from countries where the SAT and ACT are not available to all students will be considered without a full set of required test scores on a case-by-case basis.

EA applicants may take tests through November 30, but MIT must be listed as a score recipient of the November exam.

RA applicants may take tests through December 31. We will also accept TOEFL scores for RA applicants through the January test dates.

Native English speakers
We require the SAT or the ACT (new or old tests accepted). We do not prefer one over the other. In addition, we require two SAT Subject Tests: one in math (level 1 or 2), and one in science (physics, chemistry, or biology e/m). We do not have a preference as to which science you take or which level math you take.

Non-native English speakers
You have two options:

  1. Take the tests required for native English speakers (see above)
  2. Take the TOEFL (we do not accept IELTS) and two SAT Subject Tests, one in math (level 1 or 2) and one in science (physics, chemistry, or biology e/m).

MIT’s code for SAT and TOEFL is 3514
MIT’s code for ACT is 1858​

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