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What is the HASS Requirement?

100% of MIT undergraduates study the humanities, arts, and social sciences.

At MIT, we consider the humanities, arts, and social sciences essential—for educating young engineers, scientists, thinkers, and citizens; for meeting the world’s great challenges; and for sustaining the Institute’s capacity for innovation. 

MIT SHASS is home to research that has a global impact, and to superb graduate programs, all recognized as among the finest in the world. With more than a dozen academic fields, the School’s portfolio is vast, including: international studies, linguistics, comparative media studies, economics, literature, anthropology, digital humanities, philosophy, global studies and languages, music and theater arts, writing, political science, security studies, women’s and gender studies, and history.

All MIT students will complete courses in the humanities, arts, and social sciences, and we call that the HASS requirement. The requirement deepens our students’ knowledge in a variety of cultural and disciplinary areas and encourages the development of sensibilities and skills vital to an effective and satisfying life as an individual, a professional, and a member of society.

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