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What are my chances of admission?

As much as we love formulas, you’re not going to find one here!

We get a lot of requests from students asking what their chances of admission are. We couldn’t do that without a thorough review of an entire application, which is what we do during our admissions committee selection process. We don’t advise any student what their chances of admission may be and don’t have a formula or weigh any part of the application.

Although we can’t give you an opinion of what your chances are, we can give you a sense of what we look when selecting students for admission. Basically, we’re looking for students with broad interests, both academic and non-academic, who have taken a rigorous academic curriculum and done well. We want to see that students are involved in things because they care about them, not just because they think certain activities would “look good” on their resume or college application. We look for students who are willing to take risks, and who will bring something special and unique to the MIT community.

We don’t have cutoff scores for the SAT or ACT, as scores are evaluated within an applicant’s context.

We don’t have any required classes, but a strong academic foundation in high school both improves your odds of getting into MIT and will help you make the most of the Institute when you’re here.

You can learn more about how our admissions process works here.

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