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NEET is a new collaborative and project-based academic program from the School of Engineering. The program aims to educate young engineers to build the new machines that will address societal needs by preparing them to work as entrepreneurs/innovators and discoverers. Students choose a sequence in their sophomore, junior, and senior years, and are coached in personal and interpersonal skills.

Students will get an SB degree from the department they will be majoring in and a NEET Certificate in one of four pilot threads offered in Fall 2018:

Advanced Materials Machines (covering Courses 3-A and 2-A)

Autonomous Machines (covering Courses 16-ENG, 2-A, and 6-2)

Living Machines (open to all MIT undergrads in technical degree programs. The majors of current LM students are 20, 2/2-A, 10/10B, 6-2/6-3 and 4-B)

Clean Energy Systems (covering Courses 22, 1 and 2-A).

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