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Pages: February Updates & Notes Form FAQ

Here’s what you need to know about the February Updates & Notes Form (FUN) before you begin filling it out. First though, relax! This is easy—don’t worry about getting it wrong.

What is it?

The FUN Form is where you send us your latest grades along with any other relevant updates that you want us to know.

Who should fill it out?

It’s required for everyone! Even those already admitted or deferred in Early Action. It should be filled out by you—the applicant.

When should I fill it out?

By February 7. You need to report your available grades for the fall semester or second quarter. If your school uses a trimester schedule, please use your first trimester grades, even if we already have them. The form must be submitted no later than February 7 even if you do not have grades yet. There is a place on the form to indicate this.

Wait! I won’t have any new grades before February 7!

Even if you have no new grades to report, you still need to complete the form. There is an option where you can indicate this and let us know when your grades will be available. We will then send you next steps on how to submit them.

My counselor/school already sent my midyear grades. Do I still need to submit the form?

Yes. You are still required to complete the form with your latest grades.

My school does not provide midyear grades or progress reports. Do I still need to submit the form?

Yes. There is an option where you can indicate this.

I am homeschooled. Do I still need to submit the form?

Yes. You need to provide any and all grades available for classes you’ve taken in your current academic year.

I am no longer attending school. Do I still need to submit the form?

Yes. There is an option where you can indicate this.

Got it. Ok, how do I fill it out?

The form has fields for you to report your coursework and grades. This is similar to the Self-Reported Coursework Form from the application, except that we’re only looking for current-year courses and grades. And we’re only looking for this section from students with something to report. If you’re in a school that doesn’t have midyear grades, or you’ve already graduated, don’t worry, you’re all set—just skip this section.

Next, we have provided you with a simple text box. This is the best place for any new updates you want us to know about. Remember, the final date to submit the form is February 7.

But wait, there’s not enough space in the updates section!

Feel free to write in bullet points or use more casual language. This section has a maximum of 250 words—do your best to be concise.

How do I fill out the grades section?

Make it clean please. Like this:

BC Calculus 89
IB Chemistry HL 97
Japanese A-


Or, if you have quarter grades:

Biology A, A-
AP Economics 96, 92


Or, if you feel like you need to explain something, put it only in the subject section like this:

Java I (taken at B.C.C.) A+
Multivariable Calc (online) Pass

In the Grade box, please list only your grades, no explanations. For example, it is sufficient to write “B+” rather than “B+ (final grade)” or “B+ (online course).”

If your transcript provides quarter grades and a midterm exam grade but no semester grade, you should list the quarter grades and the midterm exam grade. Don’t create your own average, or report your best guess as to what your grade will be. If your school uses a trimester schedule, please use your first trimester grades.

If you have more grades to report than spaces available, just continue reporting them in the updates text box.

Other special circumstances?

  • Some schools, including many international schools, have no concept of midyear grades. This is okay. You can ignore the text boxes and simply choose the option, “I attend a school that does not provide midyear grades.”
  • Report your grades just the way they would appear on your transcript. No need to convert them to a letter system. If you need to explain your school’s grading system, just put it in the updates section.
  • Some schools will not release midyear grades until after the February 7 deadline. This is okay. You should choose the option, “My semester grades are not available. They will be available on the date below.” Then enter the date they will be available in the dropdown. We will reach out to you with additional instructions on how to submit these grades.
  • Some of you have graduated already and have no new grades to report. You should choose the option, “I’m not currently attending school; MIT has all of my grades.”

You got all that? Log in to your MIT application portal and start filling out the form. Thanks for taking care of business!