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Feb 21 2011

NSBE MUSE Colloquium

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Last week, I attended the MUSE Colloquium hosted by MIT’s NSBE Chapter at the Black Students Union on campus. NSBE is a wonderful organization that promotes academic excellence, professional development, information sharing, and networking for aspiring young Black engineers. Participants at the MUSE Colloquium displayed their summer research from 2010 via PowerPoint presentations. The three best presentations won scholarship money to help support their continued research. 1st Place won $500: 2nd Place won $350: 3rd Place won $150.

Long time MIT Lecturer, Sekazi Mtingwa, kicked off the event by sharing a bit about his research in physics. I made a little video of the event. Here are the highlights. Enjoy!

PS - Please forgive my camera shake. This is my first Iphone video ever. I promise to get a better camera for my future productions. ;-)

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Feb 7 2011

Three from MIT!

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Yesterday morning I was quite surprised and VERY excited to see a trio of my favorite MIT students featured prominently on an online magazine site that I visit daily called "The Root". The article was a feature of 25 African American students under the age of 21 who are making extraordinary contributions in a variety of areas. When I was skimming through the student profiles, I realized that THREE of the young people featured are current students at MIT!

<3 it!!!!

Click the links to find out about our three from MIT Khalea Ross Robinson, Dorian Dargan, and Benjamin Mensah.

What was even MORE impressive for me was that all three had videos that were featured on the website. So for your viewing pleasure, I present Dorian and Ben. Khalea's video is also in a link on her profile page.

If you want to learn a little more about Dorian, check out his website!


On a personal note, I must say that in addition to being super accomplished people who are changing the... read the post »

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Oct 13 2010

Terrible Traffic

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Once upon a time, in a land far far away (called New Jersey), a young man fresh out of college would drive 90 miles each way to his new job as a college admissions officer. Occasionally, this young man had a hard time staying awake while on the road, so he would stop at the Woodrow Wilson rest stop around exit 7 to buy soft ice cream cones from Carvel (yum, delicious). While this Carvel ice cream eating young man loved his job, he secretly longed for the day when he would not have to spend 3.5 hours of his life behind the wheel of a car getting to and from the job that he loved.

As luck should have it, "the day" came on July 7th of 2008, and now that same (not as young) admissions officer has a significantly reduced commute! Some days you can find him walking from his home in Cambridge to work which only takes him about 25 minutes. Most days, you can catch him cruising through the streets of Cambridge on his rusty old Mongoose mountain bike which only takes him about 8 minutes (if... read the post »

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Jul 22 2010


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School is out and many times high school students struggle to find things to do with their time. I know that after such a long school year with tough academic classes, sports, extracurricular activities, and whole bunch of other responsibilities, it's tempting to just veg out on the couch and watch Gossip Girl, Degreassi, and OchoCinco: The Ultimate Catch reruns for 14 hours a day. You could easily become a Facebook addict and surf your friends' profile pages for 14 hours each day. (I know, I feel like this sometimes too.) But don't fall victim to the TV or FB this summer! You can resist. You have many more options of things to do with your time than you realize!

One of the things that I have learned about MIT students is that (generally speaking) they are good stewards of their time. Students here work hard and play hard. During the year, they certainly get their fare share of study time, but they also do everything from taking cool photos to attempting to break the world record... read the post »

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Jul 14 2010

Judd Logan is my homeboy

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Every time I give a presentation about MIT, I always try to emphasize the quality of people here at The Institute. Judd Logan is yet another addition to this wonderful community. I really love this place. It's all because of the people.

On another note, doesn't the name "Judd Logan" sound like a super hero's day name? Kind of like Clark Kent by day Superman by night. For the MIT people, Tony Stark a/k/a Ironman........ Just my thoughts

Thanks Matt ;-)


From Cattaraugus Reservation To MIT

CATTARAUGUS INDIAN RESERVATION - A Western New York teen is one of only 1,000 high school seniors across the nation to have earned a Bill and Melinda Gates Millennium Foundation Scholarship. And he comes from a place where college just isn't in the cards for many kids.

Judd Logan was prepared to accepted a full academic scholarship to Syracuse University, until the prestigious Massachusetts... read the post »

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