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Ben Jones

Mar 14, 2005

Changes To Your MyMIT Account

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A quick response to some of the questions we've been receiving: you won't notice any change to your MyMIT account until we're confident that everyone has had a chance to receive his/her decision via mail (or telephone - remember that you can call us after 3/18) - otherwise, we'd be offering "online notification" which as you know we don't offer. :-)

MyMIT will only change if you've been admitted; otherwise it will stay the same.

The no-online-notification thing may change in the future, but unfortunately not this year.

Also, the app tracking portlet has been removed from MyMIT, because there are no longer any apps to track, only decisions...

For those wondering about the DHL thing, see previous entry...

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hehe, First

Posted by: Tim on March 14, 2005

Ben...I'm in...I cried when I saw the big envelope....*sigh* I'm still in slight shock...but just so delighted...Thanks for all that you've done.

Posted by: Kledia on March 14, 2005

wait ben, the myMIT portal will change later in the week if one is accepted?

if i logged in now, and i don't see any change, that doesn't mean i got rejected right?

Posted by: 0 on March 14, 2005

Congrats Kledia!!

Anon - No one will see any changes in MyMIT until after the 18th, probably more like next week sometime.

Posted by: Ben on March 14, 2005

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