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Jul 24, 2006


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Thanks to everyone who submitted applications for admissions blogging! Thank heaven there's a selection committee - I could never choose by myself. All of the applications have been fantastic! (There's still a week left before the EA deadline, for those of you who are procrastinating. :-)

I just saw Omar '10 in the Infinite and he mentioned that housing stuff will be posted soon. Drop a comment and let me know where you guys all end up.

I have a lot of blog-comment-questions to respond to - look for an entry to this effect in the next couple of days.

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Baker!! :-D YAY!!!!!

Posted by: Christina on July 24, 2006

Hey Ben, is was awesome meeting you!

I got into Senior House wink

Posted by: Omar '10 on July 24, 2006

Burton-Conner, which, as I understand it, is blogger app suicide. Yay!

Posted by: Evan B. on July 24, 2006

what am i up to? i'm suffocating, that's what! aaaaaah >.< no A/C, stuck in the middle of a patch of overpriced watermelons..

i feel so...

used!! T_T bwaaahahhahaahahahhahahaa *tears*

the pain! the pain! ...

okay, i'm going to go... chew on this rubber band... yeah...

tell anthony when he gets back to send me a packet of rubber bands. i don't have the heart to tell him myself ;_; woeeee is meeee..........

Posted by: little miss demosthenes on July 24, 2006

3rd East... yay smile

Posted by: Kallie on July 24, 2006

McCormick East Tower


Posted by: Nur on July 24, 2006

MacGregor H321......yay!!!

Posted by: Ankit '10 on July 24, 2006

Simmons 522B!

Posted by: Jared on July 24, 2006

2nd East.

Posted by: cristen on July 24, 2006

ZBT! Oh, wait.

Posted by: Michael Borohovski on July 24, 2006

New House! I've got to meet you personally. You've helped me so much on cc.

Posted by: Vu on July 25, 2006

Mac Gregor A115. I'm so excited.

Posted by: Anushree on July 25, 2006

speaking of questions........

-i'm from romania, moved to the states in fifth grade. last year my step-father got a sabatical which we spent back there, where i went to school etc. is mit at all familiar with education systems in foreign countries -- meaning, when i send in my app, will you see what my grades mean in the given the context? also, when it comes to transcripts, do you require one from each high school attended, or is it enough for my american high school to send one, given that it recognized my year abroad and gave me credits accordingly?

i know it seems like slightly early to ask this, but a romanian transcript will take some time to get ahold of.



Posted by: adellaid on July 25, 2006

New House.


I think we've talked about this already, Ben. That, or I'm delusional. (going with the latter.)

Posted by: thekeri on July 25, 2006

simmons palindrome 464

i wonder who my roomate is..

summer heat is melting me! btw, simmons has ac, hasn't it?

Posted by: l0ngL on July 25, 2006

German House!!! grin

The page where we got our assignments gave us a link to floorplans, but they don't have the actual dimensions on you know if there's a way to find out how big our rooms are?

Posted by: Melodie on July 25, 2006

Fifth West... East Campus, my first choice. Now to see if I still like the place after living there for a few days. smile

Posted by: Christine on July 25, 2006

French House!

Posted by: Colin on July 25, 2006

Senior House (454) - roommates with Brooke!

Posted by: Star on July 25, 2006

McCormick (622)! I'm so excited!

Posted by: Nichole '10 on July 25, 2006

Hey Ben,

When do we get to know what freshmen advising seminar we got placed into?


Posted by: JL on July 25, 2006

McCormick 730 grin Yay!

Posted by: Sulinya on July 25, 2006

Bexley 406B

Posted by: Jenn on July 25, 2006

Macgregor - G312. smile

Posted by: Debbie on July 25, 2006

Next house is quite nifty :-D

Caaaan't waiit to come to school

Posted by: Daveed on July 25, 2006

MacGregor B121. smile

Posted by: Monica on July 25, 2006

This post makes me so excited!! LOOK AT ALL OF THE ENTHUSIASM. YAY!!!!!!!!!! :-D

Posted by: Christina on July 25, 2006

I'm in Macgregor G314! smile

Posted by: Erin on July 25, 2006

BAKER BAKER BAKER YEEEES!!! Baker 545...ahh i love you guys! So Christina, I guess we'll be housemates wink what room did you get put into?

Posted by: Aziz on July 25, 2006

2nd East!

There's no way to see if our rooms are singles, doubles, etc., is there?

Posted by: Drew on July 25, 2006

simmons (no a/c in simmons)

Posted by: dan '10 on July 25, 2006

Aziz ~ 601. Housemates!! I have no idea who you are but SWEET. :-D

Posted by: Christina on July 25, 2006

Howdy! Are you Texan?

Posted by: Zaira on July 25, 2006

Hey Drew and everyone else -- remember that your temp room is ONLY TEMP. You are officially not allowed to stay in the room you temp in. So just for the record, don't get too attached to the room you've been assigned for your temp housing... (The theory is that if you were allowed to stay in your temp room, too many people would be lazy and just say, "Eh, never mind, I'll just stay here, no need to check out other places, this is fine." So if EVERYONE has to move, NO ONE has the excuse that they can avoid exploring other dorms or halls or rooms during Rush. Or that's my understanding anyway. (I know that as a result of this policy, my kid and his roommate were forced to move across the hall to another empty crowd which was slightly smaller than the room they were temped in, and their temp room sat empty. Grr.))

Posted by: leftcoast mom on July 25, 2006

Christine and I should become friends because...

I'm on 5th west too!! Yahoo!!

Posted by: Mia on July 25, 2006

5th East!

Posted by: Fernando on July 25, 2006

Baker 606

Posted by: Sarah Dupuis on July 25, 2006

McCormick 701!!!!!

Posted by: Ritu on July 26, 2006

Yayaya Baker but I really want a single or a double... otherwise I'm going to drive way too many people crazy with my guitar playing. is that possible for incoming freshmen?

Posted by: Ariadne on July 26, 2006

MacGregor F421... It's good...

Posted by: JohnQ on July 26, 2006

East Campus!!!!(Wa404)...yay grin

Posted by: Arka'10 on July 26, 2006


Baker (my old dorm) actually has an awesome music room on the ground floor. Many of my musician friends practiced down there. You'll probably end up in a quad or triple (traditional for Baker freshmen), but don't worry, you'll love it.


Like leftcoast mom said, remember that this is, in most cases, only a temp room. But you can trust in MIT -- our housing system is unique, but very special and very good.

Posted by: madmatt on July 26, 2006

w00t Baker 405.

Posted by: Schmidt on July 26, 2006

MacGregor J112... yipeee!! i'm posting after such a long time.. but i do keep reading...

For all fellow housemates... Hullo there..! Lest get to know each others..

Hey anyone from J entry yet?

Posted by: Prannay on July 26, 2006

Melodie: there's a scale at the bottom of the floor plan (assuming you're using the file from / Since it's on a computer, I'd just copy it into Paint and drag the scale around until you get a measurement.

leftcoast mom: is this all dorms or just that one?

Nobody from Next House? I'm temped in 5W in Next.

Posted by: geofft on July 26, 2006

Random Hall - room 222! ^_^

Posted by: cemilyd on July 26, 2006

MacGregor G328 WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: Molly on July 26, 2006

thekeri- aside from the whole "don't worry it's only temporary part," you should just know that New House totally rocks. There's already some NH4-Conner 2 love going on, and I'd love to add to that. =P

Posted by: Laura on July 26, 2006

Next house! =]

Posted by: Phil on July 27, 2006

Sorry if I'm posting in the wrong, but can anybody inform me on how to get to send a question for ben jones on his Semi-Annual Q&A

Thanks A lott

Posted by: legato on July 27, 2006

Just post it here. grin That entry's coming soon!

Posted by: Ben on July 27, 2006

Thanks, Laura!

But I still want Bexley. ^_^

Oh, I have a question for anyone who may have the answer: Some of my friends didn't apply for RBA, but they ended up temped in Next House anyway. Does this mean that they're required to stay there for the year, and do they have to do RBA?

Posted by: thekeri on July 27, 2006

SH247... smile

Posted by: Timur Sahin on July 27, 2006

I honestly came here expecting to see a Photoshop Timur contest.

Posted by: Timur Sahin on July 27, 2006

From the MIT web site:

"The entry year '07 application will be available in late July."

ummmm... is my calendar wrong?

Posted by: Daniel on July 28, 2006

geofft: all dorms have that policy.

Daniel: there are still several days left in July, so there's still hope for your calendar. Besides, give folks a little human space, if it's up the first week of Aug. that's still roughly the right timeframe. I know they were changing a few things this year (Ben said some of the essay prompts would be changing some...).

Posted by: leftcoast mom on July 28, 2006

I apologize for my impatience. The excitement has gotten the best of me and I find myself checking the web site every day! A big thanks to Ben and Matt and the entire admissions team... I know you guys are working hard.

Posted by: Daniel on July 28, 2006

And according to someone posting on College Confidential this afternoon, the application is now up, via MyMIT (to which I do not have access, so I cannot confirm or deny). Good luck!

Posted by: leftcoast mom on July 28, 2006

Yay, it's up!

Start the problem, start the clock!

Posted by: Daniel on July 28, 2006

3rd West

Posted by: Kelly on July 28, 2006

Hey, can somebody help me with this issue. I really cant find a clue on how to post a question on Ben's Q&A of this blog. So please can somebody help me I would really appreciate if anybody can lend me a hand in this.

Thanks for listening

Posted by: legato on July 29, 2006


You can post your question right here in the comments! You'll probably get an answer from Ben (or anyone else who happens to know the answer) soon afterwards; if not, then you should get one in the next Q&A blog entry.

Posted by: thekeri on July 30, 2006

Oh, and if you aren't comfortable with doing that, then you can also just send him an email.

Posted by: thekeri on July 30, 2006

OK, I just have to say this: I just got back from a concert where I heard Ariadne play her classical guitar (see above), and she is FANTASTIC!! If you are her roommate, you are in for a wonderful treat. Don't send her to the music room, listen to her practice, it is sweet to the ears.

Well done, Ariadne!

Posted by: leftcoast mom on July 30, 2006

Haha, I'm the friend Keri's talking about. Or one of them, at least. But I'm in Next, and although I wasn't too happy about it at first, it's the only chance I'll ever have to try RBA smile I'm pretty flexible, so it's all good.

Also the dining hall is incredible. You can't go wrong with that.

Posted by: JKim on July 30, 2006

Oh yes! Ariadne is only a few doors away from me!

My brother is always turning on his amp at about 3am and waking me up, so I'm sure we won't have a problem anyway. grin

Posted by: Christina on July 30, 2006

Ariadne -- I must hear you play. It's going to happen. wink

Posted by: Colin on July 30, 2006

Random Hall! Woot!

Posted by: Christian on July 31, 2006

Baker!! 120, I'd love to find out my roommate though

Posted by: Olga on July 31, 2006

McCormick =D

Posted by: Minh on July 31, 2006

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