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Ben Jones

Mar 2, 2006

MIT Meets The OC

Posted in: Miscellaneous

Oh, so good.

Joanne witnessed the convergence of two of her loves a few days back, and now it's my turn. Just received email from my friend who works in MIT's Publishing Services Bureau:

Date: Thu, 2 Mar 2006
To: Ben
From: Monica
Subject: MIT and one of your favorite shows...
Hello Ben,
I hope this message finds you well and enjoying the winter. I received an inquiry this week that (as an occasional reader of your blog) instantly brought you to mind... Your friends at The OC contacted me for assistance with wardrobe for an upcoming episode. Apparently extras on the set will soon be masquerading as MIT admits. Be on the watch for MIT sweatshirt clad extras during the April 6 episode!


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First post! Awesome Mr. Jones! I still can't believe it, MIT on the OC!

Posted by: gm on March 2, 2006

Wow that's great!! but :( I am not sure about the date, here in Peru the episodes are not released at the same time as in United States :(

The last episode aired on Peru was Episode 313 -

Posted by: Juan Jhong Chung on March 2, 2006


Posted by: Bryan on March 2, 2006

Now that simply is spectacular. I certainly love the OC but seeing MIT clad guys is simply cool. I was just wondering but who knows we might see Marissa, Ryan, Seth or Summers in MIT clothes as well!

Posted by: Nabeel on March 2, 2006

Juan - this will be Episode 320. Hope that helps you determine the schedule in Peru!

Posted by: Monica on March 2, 2006

This pretty much makes my day! I thought that it was really strange that they kept mentioning colleges I was applying to (Brown--I had my interview two days after the interview episode aired) and now this is even cooler!

MIT + The OC = Love

Now Alias needs to mention MIT...

Posted by: Claire on March 2, 2006

I live in orange county california, but i dont really watch the show, perhaps i should catch this one.

Posted by: matt on March 2, 2006


Posted by: Christina on March 2, 2006

Thanks Monica! So Peru is delayed by 2 episodes, that means that :( I wont be able to see the "MIT episode" until 2 week after April 6.

Good luck to everybody

Posted by: Juan Jhong Chung on March 2, 2006

Yeah well, Veronica Mars is only halfway through its second season and they've mentioned MIT twice. =P

Haha plus one of the times was in like January of last year when one of the minor characters in an episode was an early admit, and I was like "hey just like me!" and it was the coolest thing ever.


Posted by: Laura on March 2, 2006

Sweet. Looks like I'm in good company watching "The OC." :D

Claire- Alias has mentioned MIT a few times, though they seem more fond of Caltech. I remember one episode where Syd & Co. kidnapped a hacker and had Dixon impersonate him during a meeting. The guy had a British accent and was a CS major at MIT.

Posted by: Sohaib Raihan on March 2, 2006

I just hope that I get into MIT so that watching The OC won't be depressing that week!

Posted by: anonymous on March 2, 2006

For people from India!

The OC is telecasted in the "Star World".

Tuesdays, 9:00 PM

I love it!!!Guess all of youwill too.

MIT's awesome.


Posted by: Arka on March 2, 2006

And thtas not my website:::photographers blah blah.

I dont know how it got in that place.


Posted by: Arka on March 2, 2006

HA I LOVE Veronica Mars but maybe I'll watch that episode of the OC to see the MIT people

Posted by: Brittany on March 3, 2006

That might have just talked me into watching The OC that night. Only, wait! It's airing during's that for a double dosage of MIT love? smile

Posted by: Shan on March 3, 2006

Yes! I, too, am obsessed with the OC and am looking forward to that episode!

Posted by: Olga on March 3, 2006


Oh well, I guess that's something for me to keep as a note smile I hate waiting from week to week to watch episodes of ANYTHING raspberry I just buy the entire DVD set so i can get it over with in 4 days to a week if i'm really addicted :D ... So yeah I still haven't started the first season of the OC but as soon as i do i'll try to finish the other seasons quickly and get to that episode wink MIT rocks :D

Good Luck to all applicants!

*Still waiting for the March 6th Online Decision Notification News....Not much more left to wait!*

Posted by: Abdulaziz (Aziz) Albahar on March 3, 2006

Hey everyone!

I too can hardly wait to watch The OC but unlike you Aziz I think I'm gonna watch the MIT episode first and then the first season! smile

Posted by: Fadl on March 3, 2006

AHAHA. That's awesome. =)

Posted by: Catherine on March 3, 2006

Actually in India star world is waaaaay behind if u want to watch it twice a week and get a little ahead..atleast in Indian showing..then watch it on Zee Cafe (fridays and Sundays 9:30 pm and repeat telecast at 4 pm the next day)...The OC is like the only Drama series that i ever wathched and i love it..actually after friends its my second favourite show..but now that friends is aired no more i think its my favourite..coz Joey has not started airing in India...

"we might see Marissa, Ryan, Seth or Summers in MIT clothes as well!"

Chee i dont think the guys would show much passion towards anything in their application since they are pretty busy with a lot of stuff other than studies..hehe..

Posted by: Shikhar on March 3, 2006

You got a point there Shikhar wink

I love the OC, some people even call me "Seth" because I have lots of polo shirts with stripes on it (like the ones Seth usually wears) and I because I like watching the show... smile

Posted by: Rafael on March 3, 2006

I remember that MIT was mentioned in Smallville, in a episode when a very beautiful engineering who works in Luthor Corp develop a program that can hypnotize people by sending them e-mails (she was supposed to be a MIT graduated).

Posted by: 0 on March 3, 2006

hehehe that was me, sorry i forgot to put my name

Posted by: Juan Jhong Chung on March 3, 2006


Posted by: C Minh on March 3, 2006

yeah you're right Shikhar. those guys are nowhere near us when it comes to being obsessed by MIT!

anyways it still is wonderful to see MIT being mentioned on such a hot show. the only problem i see is that the OC is not aired in Pakistan and i'll have to wait a long time before it's available on DVD. :(

Posted by: Nabeel on March 4, 2006

I think I should start watching The OC... It seems I m the only one who doesnt watch it :D

Posted by: Amit on March 4, 2006

nah, i don't watch it either. I don't watch any television for that matter

Posted by: April (No longer waiting but deffered) on March 4, 2006

Can always download the episode from an IRC server smile. They usualy release the episodes within a day of their release.

Posted by: Adnan Esmail on March 5, 2006


It's March 6th.

*Taps foot*

Posted by: Christina on March 6, 2006

yup! it indeed is march 6th and we're all (i guess so) waiting for ben's next blog.

good luck to all RA applicants for the class of 2010!

Posted by: Nabeel on March 6, 2006

hey, april 6 is my b-day :D

im going to be 17, which will, of course, be awesome, but im not renting an orchestra, turns out they run $8-9000 a night :(

of course, u only turn 17 once, but still.... there's a lot of stuff u could get for $9000 :D

amit, april, i dont watch the OC either.... we could be a team :D

Posted by: Siddharth on March 6, 2006

wow ...if people are posting in anticipation of online decisions imagine the tension on/or after Pi day when decisions come out .....

On that note...ive logged in to see whether we'll get online decisions or not....somehow im giving this a great deal of importance....lets hope our overwhelming comments coerced MIT to put their decisions'll be a story to tell the grandkids someday......just joking.....

Posted by: Aditya - Darth Adoous on March 6, 2006

Well, no one else has jumped on it yet, so I guess I will.


Posted by: Alexandre on March 6, 2006

Really? where did you get that, Alexandre?

Posted by: Rafael on March 6, 2006

found it wink *thumbs up*

Posted by: Rafael on March 6, 2006

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